Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blockheads. Today I meet with my quilting friends for our monthly get together. At the very beginning we just said "Stitch and B****" but the time came when some joined that had kids and it became uncomfortable to leave answering machine messages using our name. Now we are Blockheads and the name fits. There is such an array of tastes and styles. It's fun to see what everyone is working on. And there is no shortage of very strong opinions.

Yesterday afternoon I made it to our local Farmers' Market. There is such a nice variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and even some prepared items. They pack a lot into one small area. I plan on making Gazpacho this morning so it can chill while I am away in the afternoon. It should be cool and refreshing on what our weatherman predicts to be another hot, soupy day.

Thanks to Finn and
Jeanne for the comments. The positive feedback is rewarding and inspires me to share more of my days. Have a great quilty day everyone

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Finn said...

Hi Libby, what a fun name for your stitching group..LOL. Actually it does cover it pretty well, right?? LOL

The veggies look wonderful. We have a tiny farmers market from 2-6 p.m. down in the parking lot of the gas station just down the road from me. I'm less than a mile out of the village and it's very rural in just that distance. Which is nice..*S*
It great fun to see people visit your blog, and as you start to leave comments at other blogs, more will come to see where you are and what you are making.
Check out any of the links that some of us have on our sidebars. The gals I have listed aren't in either of the web rings connections from Stash Quilts(Jeanne) or myself(Maverick). Katie is a loner out there I think, as many are.
Peggy at Hidden Haven Homestead is a mostly back to the land gal, but gave us a great sourdough bread starter and then the actual bread recipe using the starter.
She loves to decorate for the season, and has lots of fun ideas.
I think Dot at Rantala Rags is also a loner, and not with either ring...I'm sure you have lots you visit already. It's such fun to have you with us..*VBS* Hugs, Finn