Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I think Grandma had it right. When I was young, I would stay with my grandma during Easter vacation, Christmas vacation and at least two weeks of the summer. (Yes, we still called it Easter and Christmas vacation then.) Grandma used to make items to sell at the church's annual bazaar.

A popular item was a set of seven flour sack dishtowels, embroidered with the days of the week and the chore associated with that day, the edges finished with a nice bias binding stitched down by machine.

With all of the talk of energy saving measures, I think about those dishtowels and the assigned chore for each day. I wonder if we just followed the dishtowels, would we begin to find some energy savings. Monday - Wash Day -- get it all done in one day. No more load or two every day with the dryer heating up the house. Tuesday - Ironing -- well, I don't do much ironing which would leave more time for quilting. Wednesday - Sewing -- okay, more quilting. Thursday - Market -- get all the shopping and errands done in one day. Save on gas and frayed nerves from being out in traffic. Friday - Clean -- everything fresh and tidy for a weekend with the family. Saturday - Cook -- nice, fresh, home-cooked meals ready to go for the upcoming week. More time to quilt on the weekday afternoons. Sunday - Rest -- Something we don't often do in our overscheduled lives. The 3 R's - Reflect, Relax, Rejuvinate. That Grandma was a smart gal. I miss her.

I tried to post a photo of the quilt top I completed yesterday. No luck so far. I'll try again later. Nothing in my ironing basket, so I'm off to quilt.


Finn said...

Neat post..*S* I really like those yester-year dishtowels.
Actually I got pretty reminence about them last winter and embroidered one or two. Gives my adult children something to wonder about..LOL
Hurray for no ironing!

Patti said...

Oh, I used to make those dishtowels! My mother always got a set for Christmas from me. Except I hemmed the flour sacks instead of using bias tape. Took all my allowance to pay for the flour sacks and the DMC - which I think I got for 3 skeins for 10 cents back then!