Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I wish I had a clothesline.

A few years back, we installed a clothesline in our backyard. I enjoyed it so much. Just getting an early start on laundry to make the most of the sun and warmth of the day, figuring out the most effective way to get several loads onto the line, the delicious smell of bed linens as they are folded into the basket once dry ... then we got a little reminder from our home owner's association that we don't have clotheslines in our neighborhood. It was a "friendly" reminder and probably not directed at us in particular. I don't like to make waves or have anyone angry with me. So we took down the clothesline and I use the gas dryer for all of my laundry drying needs.

This spring, I assembled Greer, the garden gal. You can see that her head is carefully bowed to not be visible above the fence. So far no word that we don't allow scarecrows in our neighborhood. She has kept a careful watch over the new plantings and they are filling in quite nicely. Thanks Greer, you are doing a great job.
Today is Farmer's Market. I think I will go see what fun things they have this week -- maybe even some cut flowers for the house would be nice. I have a neglected applique project that I should put a few stitches in to see if I can get inspired to finish it up.


Finn said...

Hi Libby, I love your adventuresome Greer...a very fine addition to your yard..*VBS* Yes, my little town house is in such a "zone" also. Nothing hanging out for all to see. Some of the older ladies really dislike it, but what can you do??
I especially like that you have a "bed" in your are definitely MY kind of gal!!
If you go out to the market, keep that head covered and stay cool...way, way too hot out there. Hugs, Finn

Jeanne said...

Hi Libby,

Finn sent me over :)

Love the bed AND the scarecrow! I actually have an old cast-iron stove that's waiting to become a planter someday!

I'm in Placentia -- are you nearby?


Linda_J said...

I bet you get a lot of visitors now that our den mother, Finn mentioned your blog! Libby, welcome to bloggerland.

I love your lone star quilt! Very nice. Like you I have one around here somewhere (circa 99) but I'm afraid that I'll get the coolie hat center when I try to put on the setting squares and triangles so it sits as one of many UFOs. What's worse, is the pattern calls for 5 inch variable stars either all around it or just top and bottom.

Good to have you join us and I'll be back to see what you are up to.

Judy said...

Living in a association is the pitts really, except that the rules help soime times too. We live in a condo.

The quilt looks pretty.

Patti said...

I love Greer! It would be a crying shame if you had to take her down. And the "bed" for planting flowers is perfect! Big thanks to Finn for sending me to your blog.

Too bad about your clothesline!