Monday, July 24, 2006

It Must Be The Heat . . . After months of reading and enjoying the blogs of others, I have come to the conclusion that I, too, have things to say, photos to share and sometimes just plain rants to get off my chest.

I hope to share events from my daily life. From mundane chores, to amusing anecdotes, quilting adventures, triumphs in the garden and adventures into the world away from my own backyard.

Today I'll share a photo of my friend and nearly constant companion, Harper. She is a 9-year old Australian Shepard/Golden Retriever mix. On one of the luckiest days of my life, we locked eyes at the local animal shelter and the rest is history.


Finn said...

Oh Libby, she really is a beautiful baby!! Lucky you! Lucky her! Hugs, Finn

Good to see you in Blogland..*VBS*

Dawn said...

Oh I enjoyed your picture of your Aussie/Golden Retriever. Chloe has certainly embedded herself in Emily and my hearts. I can't even remember life without her. The more I learn about Aussie's the more I wonder why I never got one before!

KCQuilter said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Be forewarned--it is addictive! Just had to comment when I saw that To Kill A Mockingbird was your favorite book AND movie---mine too! One of my sons bought me the DVD and DH gave me the 40th anniversary edition of the book. Reading that book in the 60s left such an impact on me.