Friday, August 25, 2006

A couple of days ago, I posted a photo of a block I made for my friendship group exchange. At the time I didn't know the name of the block. Linda directed me to Quilter's Cache. The block is Lady of the Lake 2 and they show it in a 3 color version with a very nice setting that I will be doing shortly.
When I first saw the block about a year ago, it was in an antique quilt. I figured out some cutting and piecing instructions and invited the women from my quilt class over for a couple of evenings of sewing. We were on a break from our weekly class and decided to call our quilts Summer School. The quilt I made then was red and white and was donated to a Quilts for Soldiers group in our area.
While I'm glad I donated the quilt, I just kept thinking about it and decided I needed one of my very own. This summer I pulled some more fabric and began cutting and sewing. I ended up with 13 blocks because that's how much of the green brushed cotton I had.
I set the first 9 blocks into a square quilt that I can use on my dining table and used the other 4 to make a Christmas tree skirt. We haven't even gotten to fall and I'm already anxious to see how it looks under the tree. Nothing like rushing the season. Posted by Picasa


Hedgehog said...

Quilters Cache is really a great resource. I love the tree skirt. I made one as a gift once, but don't have one for myself! What a simple setting for one - thanks for the inspiration.

Linda_J said...

They both look terrific, Libby--and I bet the red, white and blue combo was as well.

The one of Quilter's Cache on point was a stunner, I thought and reminds me of what you did with your tree skirt! Not every quilt has to go on bed or wall, after all.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Oh so pretty and how delightful to have one for your table and one for under the tree.

Finn said...

Love the quilt Libby, and how creative to use your blocks in that way. I'm not sure I ever thought of putting them in a tree skirt..*VBS*

Regarding the block name, I think that is what Marcia at QC calls it so she can publish it. The Lady of the Lake I'm familiar with is made of triangles..similar to Bird In The Air. But since there are many name for almost every block..who knows...LOL Have a great weekend, Hugs, Finn

Cynthia said...

what a great idea using some of the blocks for a tree skirt. I have always wanted to make a tree skirt. Hope you will take a photo when you do put it under the tree.

Dawn said...

Your xmas tree skirt is really fun! What a great idea!