Monday, August 21, 2006

The dog days of summer .... I always thought that had to do with heat. Since Friday it has so much more to do with trying my patience, I'm almost wishing for the heat to return.
The mail on Friday brought a notice that a medical insurance claim had been denied. I have a regular, periodic appointment with a dermatologist for treatment of rosacea. It has been the exact same appointment since 2003. Why did they deny the claim? Because my insurance company thinks I might be hiding the fact I have medical insurance through someone else. Did they send me a questionairre? Did they give me a call to ask? No! They just denied the claim with a note that I should call them.
Now it's a little difficult to prove a negative. I don't work outside the home, so there's no opportunity for me to have insurance through my employer. When I did work outside the home, I always declined my employer's insurance package in favor of my husband's plan. We pay our premium for coverage with this company, if the service is covered within the guidelines of the plan nothing else should matter. It leaves me shaking my head and I thought everything was back to normal until .....
The mail came on Saturday. There is an envelope for The Princess from the insurance company that provides our auto and homeowner's policies. A little further into the pile, there is an envelope for us and then a second for us. Now it is near the time of year that policies renew and at first I was not concerned.
I opened the first envelope addressed to us and it contained a refund check for our auto policy. We recently purchased a new vehicle which caused a change in premium. When I received the bill, I paid it. I thought perhaps they were sending a refund of premium for the old car. An odd way to do bookkeeping -- but whatever.
I opened the second envelope addressed to us. Another refund check in the exact amount of the premium change. Hmmm, this just doesn't seem right. I began to read the fine print and realized they cancelled our auto insurance "per our request."
A light bulb came on, I opened the envelope addressed to The Princess. A refund check for the balance of premium after her insurance was cancelled. OH NO! Apparently "the good hands" we were supposed to be in were busy picking it's nose and we drove around for 9 days with no auto insurance.
The Princess is now in Germany and our company does not insure autos in Europe. She had to cancel her policy and find a new company. She has had her own policy since 1999. Because of frequent moving, she does use our address from time to time in order to keep track of her mail. Her auto insurance is not connected with ours in anyway, but they just cancelled all of the auto policies at this address.
Since it was the weekend, the agent was not available to straighten this out. I called the customer service number and after several minutes of hearing how important my call was I finally spoke to someone clearly in another country. Finally transferred to someone else, it seems I was not asking for the right thing and transferred again. This fellow stuck it out with a very angry me and did his best to help. He ended up writing a new policy and we'll have to try to straighten it out today when the local agent opens for business.
Okay, so much frustration. I needed to sew. I had completed the top for the LeMoyne stars (note I sacked the alternate blocks, sashing and cornerstones in favor of simply setting on point) and had it layered. I set up the machine for free motion quilting and got ready to go.
The thread broke. I re-threaded, adjusted the tension and the thread broke. Again re-thread, adjust - break. New needle, different bobbin, re-adjust and the thread broke. Okay, I gave up sat in my chair and pouted for the rest of the evening.
Yesterday the sewing machine was in a better mood and I quilted my little heart out. All bound with a sleeve and ready for display. I have another top to quilt today. I will save it for after my insurance company call -- I will need to sew to calm down again.
I know this is a long post, but I just had to vent. If you made it this far, thanks for letting me rant and keep your fingers crossed that I only get junk mail today. Posted by Picasa


Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Oh my goodness what a MESS! I hate dealing with insurance companies medical, auto and house!!!! Ugh!

I love the quilt you posted - it's wonderful.

Consider yourself (((HUGGED))) you deserve one today!

Leah S said...

Wow, that's maddening alright! Surely it should be within your right to demand a discount for their wrongful actions.

I hope you get just junk mail today too!

Patti said...

Oh Libby, what a hassle! Working with insurance companies can be such a pain. I've heard lots of ugly stories about "the good hands people" - I wonder if you should consider switching companies?

At least your machine finally cooperated - he's hoping it does today also.

Fiona said...

What a day - at least you can comfort yourself with the thought that there can't be too many days like that one.

Dawn said...

Oh Libby - what a terrible day/weekend/whatever! I feel for you, I've had things similar happen and it just blows your mind. And trying to straighten it out is so hard and trying. Go sew your heart out!

Dawn said...

Oh by the way - your lemoyne star quilt is GORGEOUS! Wish I could see a picture of the quilting! How did you do it?

It is wonderful!

Sweet P said...

Insurance companies are a PITA, that's all I'll say without raising my blood pressure. I'm glad you got some sewing time in.

Cynthia said...

What a mess you're dealing with. Hope you get everything sorted out with the insurance company.

I like the quilt you have posted a photo of.

Katie said...

When my daughter was young she would get severe nose bleeds due to large vessels. A tiny bump, a blow or a sneeze did it. Often they were arteries that bleed. Often happened in the evening or night.Off we'd go to the ER for cautery. Also saw doctors during the day for this. Then we got a notice from the insurance that her condition was not an emergency since it happened too many times. So they wanted me to let her bleed to death during the night? They never learn. Hand in there!

Screen Door said...

I don't blame you for venting. And you probably had to toil through the voice mail tree to talk to a "live" person...It's like one of those country western songs.."Momma said there'd be days like this..." But it just doesn't make it easier. I guess the one positive that came out of the endeavor is your quilt time. Your quilt is beautiful and worth the effort....Melanie

Finn said...

Oh Libby, of course we made it this far...LOL. What an ordeal!!! My gosh, that's enough to turn your hair gray overnight!
It's amazing how really, really screwed up they can make things.
I do hope that satification was found and applied and all's well that ends well. I'm not good at dealing with stuff like that, but I've found if I don't, no one does. Usually that's enough to get me moving.
Glad the machine finally co-operated and the quilting got done. Hugs, Finn

Judy said...

I don't think anyone ininsuirance ever knows what they are doing. I will say that at least ONCE per year we ge tthe same thing from the health insurance. I guess they figure that if they ask no one will take the time to answer so they routinyl decline a charge, then tell you to call and when you do they just ask 2 questions and they pay! STUPID but true.

Now the car people...that's just really crazy. How much you want to bet that they change or up your charges?? I had them once take my 2 payemtns which I mail together...condo insurance and car and put the payments on the wrong bill. Give me a credit on the condo ins. and threaten to cancel my car because I didn't pay enough! Idiots!! We have the same insurance company by the way!!

Hope it all straightens out, at least it's good for some theraputic sewing!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Well enough said about Insurance Companies I'd say. I am amazed that you made a whole quilt as a practice block! It looks fantastic - the contrast is great.
You get mail delivered on a Saturday?