Monday, August 14, 2006

A Feather In My Cap. Thanks to the suggestion from Ann I made 3 more practice blocks and came up with this top. I had just enough of the background fabric without a smidgen extra. Now a quick trip to the quilt shop to purchase a piece for the back and I'll be on my way to completing this project.
The top I really want to make has a LeMoyne star in the center. I'm on to practicing that block now. So far so good. The problems I had with my first attempt had much to do with poor cutting and not a problem with the Y-seam. I'm going to cut again - accurately this time- and stitch up a few more before I begin the next feathered star top.
I plan on giving this as a thank-you gift. The Princess is really Ssgt. Princess, USAF and was recently transfered to Germany. She has moved into a townhouse about 20 minutes from her base and has met a gem of a neighbor. She(why do I keep forgetting to ask her name?) has given help in translating the circuit breaker box, directions around the village, where to get fresh flowers. The list goes on.... she has just been a kind and helpful presence and I think she needs presents *s*

My last post showed a photo of my tomato crop. Marcie asked to see the whole quilt. Here it is and the story behind it. I go to a weekly class at my local quilt shop with the dearest teacher anyone could hope for. Each year at Christmas, she gives each of her students a little quilt that she has made. I just love these little quilts and have them about the house. This one stays on the kitchen counter next to the coffee pot with the sugar and creamer sitting on it. (We don't use sugar or cream, but the little containers just look so doggone cute there.) It is small, the squares are 1" finished pieces. Can you imagine, she makes about 40 little quilts as gifts each year. I feel pretty lucky to be the recipient of these little cuties.


Dawn said...

Libby, your feathered star quilt top is wonderful! And I can't believe you don't have problems with the Y seams - I HATE them! But this feathered star with that radiant type star in the middle is my favorite. Not sure if you were looking at my blog a few weeks ago when we talked about feathered stars, but that is my absolute favorite block. And I adore the little quilt, I can't believe she makes about 40 of them for presents at xmas! It is so cute!

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

What an incredible teacher you have - that little quilt is adorable. You are blessed!

SSGT Princess in the USAF - awesome - my DH is retired from the USAF and I'm an USAF Brat. LOL And, we were stationed in Germany a very long time ago.

I've finished my first Hexagon rosette. I'll post a picture later in my blog.

Cynthia said...

What a lovely teacher making those gifts.

The feathered star quilt top is just lovely. I have never attempted anything like it. I always think that it's too complicated. Well Done!

computerpeach said...

That is a great quilt - the top one! I still have yet to try a feathered star. It will be a wonderful gift.

Finn said...

Hi Libby, love the quilt and especially the story..*VBS* That's such a fascinating part of quilt making...the stories. Thanks for sharing this one..Hugs, Finn