Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Have you even seen someone have that "Deer in the headlights" look? Yesterday I posted how Andy and I came to meet. I'm sure he didn't remember the date. It's not something I would expect he would. But then I asked him if he knew what day tomorrow (August 8) is?
He gave me the "look" and was probably wondering why is that she remembers every little thing and was he supposed to be out shopping for a gift?
August 8th, 1980 is the day he saw our daughter(The Princess) for the first time. When she was born he was serving in Okinawa Japan and didn't return home until she was just a few days short of 4 months old. In this photo, she was about 3 weeks old. You can see that he really carried it around. It's a little blurry, but that tear at the top edge tells so much about how much he looked at and shared this picture. It's one of my favorites for that reason.
As I said yesterday, he's a great dad. It's a joy to watch their relationship. She has grown in a fine young woman and we are so proud.

This is the project I worked on yesterday. An English paper piecing project. After the points are all on, a round of neutral goes on, followed by a round of black. The stars will be joined by diamonds constructed with the hexagons as well. This will be an ongoing, long time project. Posted by Picasa


McIrish Annie said...

i have never tried english pp?? is it easy? I know of a woman who was doing dear jane blocks that way..

Linda_J said...

So these will be the elongated shape then?

Another sweet story about your family *VBG* Scared your sweetheart, did you--oh, oh what did I forget now?

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Oh Libby I love your English Paper Piecing project. I've been thinking about starting one but can't settle on color, etc. Yours is going to be beautiful. Please share pics as you progress!

Great story about your daughter (The Princess) and your DH. :-)

Finn said...

Hi Libby, what a sweet and tender baby picture and story. You certainly have cause to be very proud.
The time goes by so fast, they are infants and then they are grown. I'm always amazed at how quickly it all happens.

Love the English paper piecing hexs..I think it will be very lovely when it is done. Bonnie, at Quiltville is working on a similar one, using christmas fabrics. It's fun to watch it grow. Have a great day, Hugs, Finn