Monday, August 21, 2006

I want to say thank you to everyone for the kind, supportive messages and hugs sent my way concerning my insurance company debacle. The health insurance company believes me that I don't have any other policies and all claims will be resubmitted for payment. The auto insurance company is working to re-instate our old policy to show no lapse in coverage. We are concerned enough that we will be looking at other companies. It's been easy to just pay premiums and not concern ourselves with how a company is run. This has been a wake up call to start seeing what else is out there.
Dawn asked to see a closer look at the quilting of the LeMoyne star. I am pretty much a one-trick pony and meander on everything. I'm comfortable doing free-motion quilting and I just like the look when it's all done and washed and wrinkly and cozy looking. That wrinkly, cozy look can often hide a multitude of piecing sins.
After my phone calls and morning chores, I got the feathered star top layered, quilted and the binding stitched to the front. Tonight I'll stitch it down by hand -- my favorite part.
This week is my Blockhead meeting. This year we are making friendship blocks each month. The hostess for the month prepares pattern, instructions and specific fabric she wants the month prior to being hostess. Then she receives her blocks from the other members at the meeting. Our August hostess asked that we make a favorite block, using favorite fabrics. This is my block. I don't know what the block is called. I saw an antique quilt about a year ago with this block and fell in love. I came up with some cutting and piecing instructions and had some friends over to make quilts. We called it Summer School. I hope it fits with the others our hostess gets. I tend to be the oddball in this group -- but it certainly reflects me.
Then I made up packets with instructions for my block. Finally it's my turn in September. The block I chose is an Easter egg from a Cheri Payne pattern I have. I am supplying the fabric for the quick-pieced corners and some jelly beans for inspiration and energy. I'm really looking forward to receiving these. I am sorely lacking in spring quilts. This one will help me out come next spring.
Okay, I'm off to stitch binding -- maybe a photo of the complete quilt tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Nice to hear that the insurance company challenges are being resolved but it's so sad that your week end was so stressful.

I love your quilt - it's darling. I absolutely love meandering on quilts. Adds just enough texture without distracting from the actual piecing. Strange, I know!

Oh, your Blockheads sound like a fun group. Enjoy!

Carol said...

Great to hear that the insurance company is coming to its senses. They sure can make things miserable...glad things are looking up. Your star quilt is great. I guess I need to practice Lemoyne stars...I have always loved them but never have conquered them. Your Blockheads group sounds so fun. Your spring quilt will be just plain FUN and I love the other block. I think any time you reproduce an antique block, it's a good thing. Have a great deserve it!

The Calico Cat said...

How cute, I love the way you added the candy to the instructions. :o)

Linda_J said...

I believe the block is Lady of the Lake Brackman #1342. It may date between 1895 to 1930. They show it on here on Quilter's Cache. At least it looks quite a bit like it to me!

Gotta love your name---The Blockheads, LOL. Thanks for the morning grin.

Dawn said...

Oh I'm so glad your insurance stuff is at least somewhat taken care of. It could have been worse.

Your Lemoyne stars quilt is spectacular! And I love your stippling on it! Oh that is going to be such a warm and cozy quilt! So snuggly and comforting!

And your block you made is really fun. It is a lot like the "Lady of the White House Block". But now that I go into blockbase it is called "Lady of the Lake". There was no date for it.

Finn said...

Hi Libby, the close up of your meandering looks wonderful *VBS* You do a beautiful job...honest!!

And I like your Summer School block. It looks comfortable, a little old fashioned, but complicate enough to be interesting..*VBS* Can't wait to see your Easter Egg blocks...Hugs, Finn

Fiona said...

Your meandering is great - don't tell me, it's that practice makes perfect thing again!

Judy said...

I read about the insurance stuff and then never went back and read the current post!!

I think that quilt came out so perfect and my you are a fast quilter! I think the easter egg block will look really cute!

Marcie said...

Hi Libby, I have lots of catching up to do on everyone's blogs. Your's in at the top of my bloglines list and I just noticed that you posted that little quilt from your kitchen that I asked about. It is really cute! Thanks for showing the whole thing! Your Lemoine stars are great also. I admire your quilting. I agree with you about washing the quilt and getting that warm snuggly look.