Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm a simple girl. I was raised during the time that convenience was all the rage. It seemed like every new product was made to reduce time spent on a chore or task. Women were moving into the work-force and needed to be able to complete their work at home as quickly and efficiently as possible. They were willing to try most anything that would reduce their workload.

Remember TV Dinners? A meal where the four food groups were represented pleasingly in an compartmented aluminum tray. After about 45 minutes in the oven, a each member of the family could enjoy the dinner of his or her choice. My mom served us some of those TV Dinners; I liked to eat all of one compartment before moving on to the next. But a much more delicious and nutritious meal can be made in far less time, right on the stove top.

Whenever a commercial came on television touting Astronuats use (insert product name here). We all wanted to have it. What child of the 60's didn't want to be like the Astronauts? Who were we kidding? Was powdery, clumpy, watery Tang easier or tastier that a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice?

We are so blessed in this day and age to be able to pick and choose the conveniences that are available. I don't want to go back to washing clothes in a tub with washboard. I am thankful for my washing machine each and every time I use it. However, I can bake a cake from scratch with results more pleasing than a cake from a mix. Usually I have all of the ingredients right in the house -- no need to run to the store. I pick up butter from my local dairy case, but it sure is fun to make my own for special occasions. Making butter with children is a fun activity -- they are just amazed. I love my vacuum cleaner (we call it the Gross-i-tron 3000. It is bagless so you can see all the crud being picked up before your very eyes. Gross *s*) I don't want to go back to rolling up the carpets, hanging them on the fence, and beating all the dirt out of them.
I wish I could make a decent loaf of bread. I keep trying and the process is fun, but it's a good thing I can get good bread right in my market.

The picture is of a mural painted above our bed. We live in an area where earthquakes can be of concern. We could have purchased something to hang on that vast expanse of wall, but I didn't want that dangling over my head in the event of a tembler. I found this stitchery pattern by Mulberry Folkart, projected it on the wall, traced it out in chalk and painted away a couple of afternoons.

Simple Pleasures Are Life's Treasures and I am A Simple Girl.


Screen Door said...

Beautiful mural...I love the headboard...You have a way with stirring up memories for me. Thanks---
Melanie (born 1963)

paula, the_quilter said...

I cook from 'scratch'. I have to. I am allergic to soy and soy is in practically everything that is processed. Nice mural. I've been looking at folkart rabbits lately for inspiration for an applique.

The Calico Cat said...

Ahh the memories. My mom still mixes dry nestea with tang...

I plan to hang a quilt above my bed - even though we are not in an earthquake prone area... (what if the nail fails.)

I like to cook from scratch - but it is nice to have the option not to...

Finn said...

Hi Libby, the mural you painted is lovely!! I really love the folky feeling of a gentler time and way of being in the world.
I'd love to do something similar, but being as I sold my house, I'd better resist painting on the townhouse's walls...LOL
I think it's a brillant solution to earthquake tremors.
And I'll bet your bread is very, very good. I'm not sure what kind you are hoping to perfect, but my kids are still nuts about cinnamon rolls. Kind of an easy do, even with dough from scratch. I don't bake as much as I did when I had children in the house, but I remember the wonderful smell of bread baking..*VBS* I'm glad you are a simple girl..Hugs, Finn

Sweet P said...

I prefer to cook from scratch too. I don't bake desserts except for a special occasion. I try to avoid using the microwave as much as possible.

I remember Tang. I used to like it, but these days I prefer apple juice instead.

Beautiful mural!

Cynthia said...

What a lovely mural! I would never be able to paint anything like that.

jpquilter said...

I was just thinking about TV dinners and TV trays the other day! My kids didn't know what a TV tray was and they are 21 and 22! Thanks for bringing this up.