Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just checking in with a quick update. With cooler temps, my attention is turning outside to the long neglected flower beds. A little deadheading here and there along with a quick weed removed in strategic places should make it look better in short order. I am pleased to report that I may get tomatoes this year. I had serious doubts for a while. It seems by this time of year usually I am wondering why I put in so many tomato plants. This year, they just got off to a slow growing start, add to that unusually hot days early in the summer and the crop looked doomed. I spotted an little pink dot on the cherry tomato plant and I see green blobs here and there on the other plants. Stayed tuned, I will probably be begging for tomato ideas before you know it.
On the quilting front, I am working on my extra feathered star practice blocks. Those little feathers take a long time when you are making for multiple blocks. Photos should be forthcoming. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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Finn said...

Hi Libby, super news that you will have tomatoes...nothing like a good tomato sandwich especially on home made bread..*VBS*

I just had my first garden tomato,what a world of difference between them and store bought. It was from a friends garden, but it was delish!!
Glad to hear you are enjoying the cooler weather! Hugs, Finn