Friday, August 04, 2006

Just a little blogkeeping for a Friday morning.

I wanted to answer a couple of questions that have come up. The first quilt I made was in spring of 1997 and a second in winter of 1998-99. I began quilting in earnest and was competely hooked by fall of '99. I was no longer working outside the home, my husband had a major career change and was working long hours, our daughter left home earlier in the year to begin her adult life and I wanted (needed) something to busy my hands. I reluctantly signed up for a class at a local shop, hit the ground running, and haven't looked back.

On baking bread. I want to be able to make a loaf of bread that would be nice for a sandwich or even a piece of toast. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. My bread is tasty, to be sure, but it comes out dense. Really, really dense and heavy. I even took a class for that. Inspired by my success in taking a quilting class, I figured what could it hurt? It didn't hurt, I got some nice recipes, but results are no better than before.
This is a photo of the churn dash quilt that is seen peeking out from behind the feathered star in an earlier post. We have high ceilings, which mean BIG walls, so many of my larger quilts have sleeves and go into rotation as wallhangings as well as going on beds or cuddling on the couch. Because we also have skylights, they rotate fairly often in order to be spared from sunlight damage. My home is ever changing and evolving. It's fun for me to find new ways to display things.

Time to get busy with regular housekeeping so I'll have time to sew later today.

I almost forgot about the TV trays. They just came in so handy for many things besides dining in front of the television. Mom used to load one up with Dippity-Do and pincurls, plop me on the stool and curl my hair to within an inch if it's life while she watched Dodger Game on Saturday afternoon. Then she put me under the hooded drier until my ears were crimson color -- that's how she knew I was done *s* I'm pretty sure if my head were shaved today, you would be able to see the scarring from those pincurls scraping my scalp in the name of fresh curls for Sunday School.

Another thing, does anyone remember Jiffy Pop popcorn, the space-age precursor to microwave popcorn? I love popcorn -- but ....


Patti said...

Oh yes - we are dating ourselves now. Definitely remember Jiffy Pop. And pin curls. We had long pony tails so didn't get pin curls ourselves, but I can remember my mother doing her hair up in them. We got rags twisted around our ponytails so we looked like we had long cloth appendages on the backs of our heads. We called them "carrots". They always got in the way while we were sleeping!

Finn said...

Hi Libby, love the post...LOL. Yes I remember Jiffy Pop quite well. My mom wasn't convinced at all by it, and swore by popping corn in her Presto Pressure cooker, but with a flat frying pan lid instead of the one that took the pressure valve.
And Dippety Do and pincurls, oh ya!! And the first hooded hair dryers... a forerunner of the hand held ones. Got one for Christmas the year I was 19...and already married...LOL Pretty fun actually. I'll have to see if I can find that old black and white picture.
Judy from Sunshine quilts has a post, back in June or July sometime, explaining why she uses a certain kind of flour over another. You might want to check that out. She does alot of bread baking, and her DH does also. It might be listed under King Midas flour. Or you could just ask her for the posting date. She's the ring master for Stash Quilters, and you know how great they are!! *VBS*
Hope you are having a great to you later! Hugs, Finn

The Calico Cat said...

I so want an air popper...

I had pin curls too - when my mom did them they were only on the bottom... When I did them they were hwld in place by a TON of aqua-net!

Linda_J said...

Jiffy pop and dippity-do--wow!

I've got naturally curly/wavy hair and my mom gave me a perm---ack! I told her never to touch my hair again unless I asked her to do so.

McIrish Annie said...

definitely remember Jiffy pop and the hooded hair dryer in its own little suitcase. had two sisters and the three of us shared it. well, actually we fought over it most of the time LOL.

i was the one asking when you started quilting. your work is beautiful..

can't help you with the bread. DH gave me a breadmaker for christmas one year, i use it under protest a few times every winter.

Screen Door said...

I think I was the only kid in America who wished over Jiffy pop popcorn commercials and never had it. We had a gas stove and always had popcorn from shaking in in an iron skillet. Oh the memories....I remember pin curls and those pink foamy rollers. You slept in them. Didn't matter how uncomfortable it was---it was the price for beauty my Mom would say....nice entry... have a good weekend.


Sweet P said...

I didn't have pin curls, but I do remember them and Jiffy Pop popcorn. We always had it when we were camping.

Does anyone remember Easy Curl rollers?

Judy said...

You and me BOTH. Pin curl on the finger and 2 bobbi-pins to hold each curl!!