Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I was tagged. May Britt at Abyquilt put out a challenge for a list of five weird things to list about me and/or my pets. When I say challenge, I do mean challenge. I have been thinking on this for 3 or 4 days now. I often think that I travel in a slightly different orbit than the rest of the world, so there are many odd things about me. Where to begin? Hmmmm ....

For starters, when I tried out for the choir in high school I was put in the tenor section. At first I wasn't too happy about this development. It seemed like the sopranos had all the glory - or at least an easier time because they often had the melody. Soon it became clear that my position was a good one. I got to sit smack dab in the middle of all of the boys. Those sopranos didn't have it so good after all.

I like almost all foods, with the exception of lima beans -- there's just nothing that can make a lima bean taste good. That said, I much prefer to have my foods separate. I like broccoli and I enjoy cheese; however, I don't understand putting cheese all over the broccoli. I try to keep my dinner plate in nice sections with foods not touching. When I was young this was VERY important and I ate my way around the plate. All one thing before moving on to the next, starting with the worst thing and ending with the food I liked the most. Except when those lima beans made an appearance. Always I would end up sitting at the table, all alone, trying to choke them down. Very dramatic as you might imagine.

I enjoy reading aloud. Since The Princess is all grown up now and doesn't ask me to read her books any longer, I now read to Harper (and Dizzy, while he was still with us). I only have to say, "Let's read a story," and they will gather round. If I'm reading a novel, Harper's attention span only lasts a chapter or two. To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book, Harper is named for the author. I have read it to her, cover to cover, at least twice -- we skip the over the part about ole Tim Johnson, the rabid dog *s*

When I take mail to the post office and drop it in the drive-up boxes, I have to touch the mailbox twice after I put the mail in and before I drive away. I don't really remember why or when this started. I just know that I must do it or the mail will not be properly delivered.

I'll finish up with something weird about Harper. She is a 'dainty drinker' not like a dog at all. She drinks from the forward side of her bowl, lapping the water back toward her with her tongue. This allows her nose to be over the edge of the bowl with no chance of any water splashing on her, going up her nose or getting her wet. While you can touch her, scratch her, or talk to her all you want while she is eating, she will not be distracted when getting a drink. If you do any of those things, she just stops and waits patiently 'til you're done and she can begin again.

Okay, that's five things. Much harder than I thought it would be, but fun. If anyone wants to play along, consider yourself tagged. I would love to read what you think is weird about you.


paula, the_quilter said...

Oh! I can relate to the tenor thing. I was a tenor in HS too. Didn't it just make the altos and sopranos jealous!?

Sue said...

Lima beans are one food I will NOT eat! I also love to read aloud (but don't read to my cat)
Loved your list!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

Sweet P said...

I have to have at least 3 food items on my plate and I don't care of they touch. Thanks for sharing your 5 wierd things. I think I should do mine.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Hey Libby - ever heard of OCD? I have it myself, so your letterbox touching and your non-touching veges gave me a giggle. I love that the dogs gather around for a story. I sing to Simon, using woof woof woof for most of the words.

Dawn said...

Oh those are so cute! I love how you skip the part of the rabid dog for Harper!!! snicker! And how cute that she is a dainty drinker! I've tried to do these things before too, and it is HARD!

Judy said...

Darn, I was thinking before that we were very much alike...but I LOVE lima beans. My favroites along with corn, carrots, potatos....heck I just love veggies. Limas are fabulous with lots of butter!

I always read aloud and if it's Harry Potter I do the movie voices! I don't touch the mail box but I do close it and open again just ot make sure the letters slipped down. Pixel drinks that way too!