Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's time for the last of the vacation photos. We took the train from France to Germany where The Princess picked us up at the station near her home. It sure was fun to see her standing on the platform waiting for us as the train pulled in the station. We had just enough time to do little laundry and regroup before heading out in the morning to the southeastern part of Germany (Bavaria) and some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.
Our destination was Schloss Linderhoff. While I knew we were going in the direction of the Alps, I really had no idea what was in store. A portion of our drive was on 'The Romantic Highway'
and believe me there was beauty and charm everywhere I looked.
This is the view from our hotel room balcony. At just after 7 in the morning, it was a crisp, clear morning. Just a touch of fall color all around.
After a delicious breakfast, we purchased tickets for a tour of the castle, then walked up to wait for the English speaking tour to begin. We had some time to take in the exterior of the buildings and some of the grounds while we waited. This is the front view of the castle.
Another view of the front showing the reflecting pool and fountain.
No photography was allowed inside the castle, but trust me when I say it was beautiful. Still completely decorated and filled with ornate pieces and architecture as well as some stunning textiles. If only I could have photographed the fabulous marquetry work in the floor.
King Ludwig enjoyed all of the arts and even had an artificial grotto built in the side of the mountain where he could enjoy his favorite opera performed live for him.
Another picture of designs to walk on and translate into quilts.
It was difficult to leave such a beautiful spot. There were many hiking trails to enjoy but we had a long drive back to The Princess' home. We had hoped to have enough time to tour Neuschwanstein Castle - another castle of King Ludwig II, but road construction difficulties on the Autobahn the previous day put us far behind schedule. Instead of touring this castle, which was not completed in Ludwig's lifetime, we decided to just see it from a distance.
In this picture it is easy to see why Ludwig is sometimes called The Fairytale King. It is said this castle is inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle.
This would be some of the view from Neuschwanstein Castle. I wonder how many times I gasped in delight at the pastoral scenes. Grazing cows wearing their bells, sheep dotting a hillside, freshly harvested fields of corn and hay, even a herd of lop-eared bunnies grazing near a vegetable garden. We were also able to return to Heidelberg. When we visited The Princess last year, toured the castle and city there on a rainy, miserable day. More wonderful scenery but much more enjoyable with clear, warm weather. Perhaps one day we will have the opportunity to return again and explore even more of this beautiful country. There is far too much to see in such a short time.
The rest of our days in Germany were spent enjoying time with The Princess in her home. It was difficult to say goodbye at the airport - it will be many months before we see her again. It's a good thing she is just a phone call away . . . I think the phone company thinks the same thing *s*
Here is a little sneak peek at the circle project. You can find the pattern - A Penny Saved - in the current Fons and Porter magazine. All the circles are marked and cut. Putting each group of 3 together is the perfect evening television project. I'm going to enjoy making this quilt very much.


ROZ said...

What a wonderful trip!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Let's see how good my memory is or isn't.. is this pattern by Nancy? I see to remember her getting a pattern published in a magazine?
Or I could be totalllllly wrong! :O)..

That pattern would be so perfect in my exercise room on the wall with my circle rug on the floor!

Katie said...

That is just the most beautiful country. I got to see some of it last fall and am getting my pictures out to look again. We also have a town in mid-Michigan that is called Little Bavaria but we don't have the mountains. Just not the same without them and the cows with bells.

Judy said...

Very beautiful countryside and the castles are just breathtaking. I could look at pictures all day long.

I like the running stitch idea on the circle looks very cool. Love the black they are on too. Good choice!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Neuschwanstein was lovely, I didn't see Linderhoff! lol

Bavaria is lovely, you almost feel like you're transported back in time. Don't you love the window boxes and linens airing?

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh - what gorgeous pictures and sites! And how cool, I can't wait to see your penny saved!

Stephanie said...

It's hard to leave our princesses, isn't it? Glad you had such a nice visit, and hope you can see her again even sooner than you planned.

gwen said...

Do you believe I live in that country and have never been to Bavaria! Always too busy sewing I suppose! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.
I do exactly the same for circles: mugs, cups, saucers,... are the best and the cheapest.
The quilt is looking good, I like the muted colours with the dark background. Take care.

meggie said...

How wonderful for you!
It all looks just how I imagined it. I used to have to send a lot of telexes- haha remember those?- to Germany, & always wished to go visit Heidleberg!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Love that you think I can order one of those over the can get everything else!
Would have nbeen hard coming home and leaving her there but it's certainly a lovely place to be left.
Your evening project looks fiddly, but I am sire I will be seeing it placed on the familair "it's all finished" wooden fence in no time! Tracey

Juliann in WA said...

Beautiful pictures. The quilt is going to be great too.

Guðrún said...

I have only been to Northern Germany, I see I have to visit the South, thanks for sharing.

Darlene said...

Great pictures of the German sites - took me back! :-) Living there is an experience I will never forget. BTW, where is the Princess stationed?

Chris said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Hope those fires I hear about are not near you.

Jeanne said...

I so enjoyed seeing Germany with you.
Neuschwanstein Castle was one of the places we didn't get to on our trip back in 2001. I would love to go back. There's so many beautiful things to see and explore.

Wendy said...

The country side and castle pictures are stunning.

Your circle quilt is looking great, I like the background fabric you picked.