Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some pictures from the quilt show.
A quilt stitched in tribute to California State Fallen Heroes over 460 names of those who have given their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq.Quilts from the 'One Patch Scrap Quilt' Display.

The Apron Chronicles . . . I thought of Finn as I was enjoying these.

*please excuse the photography (including the partial shot of my index finger) I used my cell phone camera rather than lug my


Lea said...

Wow, What a wonderful quilts!!!
I specially like the half hexagon quilt and small quilts next to it.
Thank you for sharing us your pictures!!!

Karen said...

Oh, Libby! Love your show and tell. Especially adore the folk art quilt. Nyeeeeyah, I want that to be in MY house lol.

Judy said...

A heavily quilt baby bib? What the? Okay! The quilts are neat looking, especially liked seeing the aprons. I remember a christmas one my Mom had...I wonder if she still has that one? Very nice!

Caroline in NH said...

I *love* the idea of a quilt commemmorating fallen soldiers. I have wanted to do some kind of memorial project for a while now, and DH won't let me put 4,000 flags on the lawn.

Shelina said...

Libby, thanks for sharing the pictures with us. There were several I want to make someday. Your purchases look luscious!

Linda_J said...

The memorial quilt is interesting in how they were able to incorporate the names into the piece. Just too bad that there had to be one made when you think of what each blade represents.