Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tagged! Paula at A Latte Quilts tagged me with Fluff Five. Guess what? I'm pretty fluffy.

Here we go.

Five Things Found in Your *Bag/Purse:

1. Wallet
2. Cell Phone
3. Key Ring
4. Makeup bag/first aid kit
5. Glasses/Sunglasses
* These days I don't often carry a bag - just grab my wallet into which I can slip my cell phone and go.

Five Favorite things in your room:

1. A framed page from a children's coloring book that Hubby did for me just prior to a long deployment
2. My mom's childhood rocking chair
3. My childhood rocking chair
4. Framed photographs of Hubby, The Princess, Harper
5. A teddy bear made from my grandma's mink coat

Five Things you have always wanted to do:

1. A cartwheel
2. Whistle - the loud kind that people do through their fingers
3. Water ski - gracefully (I can get up but I look something akin to a baby giraffe standing for the first time)
4. Rappel - I vacillate on this and sometimes it is not on the list, not even on the radar
5. Travel around the country stopping in for a peek at anything that catches my eye

Five things you are currently into:

1. Quilting
2. Baking
3. Gardening
4. Blogging
5. And always - my family and my home.

Five people you want to tag:

I can't limit a list to just five. Since I'm not good at narrowing down my list, consider yourself tagged and share some fluff about yourself.


Susie said...

Fun meme! I haven't seen this one. A cartwheel is something I could never do, nor can I do that loud whistle either!

Julie said...

I haven't seen that meme either. I can do the whistle! Forget that rappelling deal. Not me. Na uh. No way. Count me out on parachute jumps & bungie jumping, too.

I still haven't tried baking bread. Now you have inspired me to make jam. And do more quilting. I'm tired just thinking about trying to keep up with you. But the gorgeous Spring weather is calling me out to the garden so the bread & jam & quilting will be put on the back burner for now.

Knot Garden said...

Can't do the whistle or the cartwheel either. Ditto quilting, baking and gardening:)

Judy said...

I used to be able to do a fabulous cartwheel...HA, it would not be pretty now!*s*

yellowfarmhouse said...

Lordy I haven't tried a cartwheel in ages. Not sure I could still do it. Thanks for sharing this fun meme - it's a new one.

Hugs - Karen

Katie said...

That's fun. I'll give it a go.

Carole said...

I enjoy reading meme. I am pleased to say that I have rappeled and it is fun! You'll enjoy it I'm sure. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

I could never do a cartwheel or whistle either!
What a great idea for the cloth napkins! Makes me want to go down to the local thrift shop and pick up some old tablecloths for just that purpose!