Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The good, the bad, the ugly, and a little bit of tasty are all here for your enjoyment today.
Let's take the ugly first. Here is a picture from last Tuesday of the garden trellis. I just couldn't be more excited with how this has turned out. On the same afternoon, I harvested a bunch of basil and made the most delicious pesto for our dinner. There are blossoms on the beans. Life is great.This morning's picture is not so happy. Seems that some garden pest moved in and had a little dinner and dessert while I was out of town. I'll be at the garden center later today looking for something to remedy this little problem.
Now for some good. Just a couple of steps away from the trellis is where you will find the gourds. Apparently gourds are not so delicious as beans. For that I am grateful.
The watermelon is looking happy and healthy. There are several blossoms on the vine.
Still getting roses. This bush has the most brilliant orange blossoms. I have no idea the variety. All the roses were here when we bought the house.
The sunflowers are going to burst out any day now.
The tomatoes are looking good. They suffered some squirrel damage while I was gone. Hubby informed me there had been a breach in the perimeter in the southeast corner. I found evidence of half eaten green tomatoes along the fence line. We re-fortified the spot they broke in at with more rabbit wire. In order win this little war, I must remain ever vigilant!
Just look at those jalepenos. The picture looks a little funny because the best view was through the window screen. I plant to have a big picking party Thursday morning and then make jalepeno jelly. I can hardly wait.
There was already a picking party at the Anaheim pepper plants this morning. Five dozen peppers roasted, peeled, seeded and divided into freezer bags to enjoy later. I always use these peppers in taco meat and they are delicious with scrambled eggs.
Oh my! The freezer is getting so full. I stopped baking zucchini bread and muffins. They did not make for efficient use of freezer space. Instead I grated the zucchini and froze portion sizes just right for the bread recipe. I can also use it in soups this winter. Also there are some blueberries and nectarines that will be delicious come winter. It's a good thing we don't use our ice maker - I need the storage.
I made a fresh batch of granola this morning. The jar had been empty for nearly a week. I use the recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook - you know, the one with the plaid cover.
I hope to get some bread started later this afternoon. Things in the kitchen are really looking good.
Now for the bad. Well the bad is just me, the rest is good.
Last month, Stephanie was so very sweet to give me the Arte y Pico blogging award. Stephanie has been more than patient and sweet waiting for me to acknowledge this honor. I have excuses - The Princess arrived, Harper had surgery, I was out-of-town - still I should not have taken so long. Really she should take it back . . . but I won't let her.
Then as if to prove I'm really not all that worthy and awfully doggoned slow, Paula flattered me with the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 award last week. Her kind words really did make me blush and caused my head to swell just a little bit. But wait, it swelled just a little more. Katie also bestowed the award on me. Hubby tells me I must be careful or soon my head won't fit through the door.
It really is humbling to know that folks enjoy stopping by and feel entertained by my little stories and the minutia of my daily life. Now I am left to nominate others - a thing I am not good at. It is nearly impossible for me to single out just a few when I find kindness and inspiration at each place I visit. If you are reading this post, please consider yourself nominated.


Judy said...

My Lord..in 4 days they ate like the wind and destroyed those plants! Greedy little buggers! I grew up with everything in our yard dusted with that rose stuff. Man I can't believe how much they ate!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

The quilt class sounded fun...looked like Flagstaff was fabulous..I love that place!And the garden minus the chewed up things looked so good. I had to make banana bread it made me so hungry!

Susie said...

You do have some very hungry pests in your garden. The birds are eating our tomatoes more than the squirrels.
Good idea to grate the zucchini instead of baking it all now.
That granola looks yummy. I got that plaid cookbook for a wedding shower present 41 yrs ago. I still use it though!

Kentanner11 said...

Wow! Your garden looks great!

--from www.tannersnotes.blogspot.com

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing your garden. :)

Guðrún said...

You garden looks so great and the freezer is getting full for winter.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Wow you've got some great garden bounty growing there. That freezer is just about to bust at the seams, LOL, but isn't it a great feeling it have it full of such yummies :)

Hugs - karen

Chocolate Cat said...

My goodness you are being so industrious! The spoils from your garden are very impressive.
That photo of the orange rose is just spectacular!I've got 4 new rose bushes that need planting after work today.

Mar said...

Did I tell ya I don't have any tomatoes yet? I'm so envious! That rose is AWESOME!

Julia said...

Ooooooo, those little garden pests! I was just out watering my flowers and I seen that something was trying to make dinner out of my roses. Well, not any more! Armed with my can of rose spray, I declared war!!

By the way, how is Harper doing?

Marilyn R said...

Those little pests are such a pain when they eat your plants! The other day I found some pests feasting on my Columbines. They are now in pest heaven!

KCQuilter said...

Mmmmmm, is there anything tastier than fresh summer garden produce?? I think not. Your garden is wonderful. Good luck with the wascally pests.

Wendy said...

It takes a lot of work to keep your harvest from being eaten up. You must be happy to have all those delicious goodies ready for winter cooking.

Carin said...

I am coming to your house for gardening lessons!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Your garden looks beautiful, despite the pests. It doesn't look like what the japanese beetles or slugs do to my plants though, something else. I also have an issue with deer and rabbits...and I don't even grown any vegetables! Just flowers!