Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This morning started out with a tour around the yard. It quickly turned into a scavenger hunt with some very pleasing results. Hiding on the backside near the fence, I found this pretty yellow rose.
At the opposite end of the fence line, I found a tiny little apricot growing on a low branch. I hope it has invited lots of friends.
In any case, I want that little apricot to be safe. I don't care to take the chance that an uninvited bird would decide to dine on it. So my good friend Hootie has taken up a perch in the branches of the tree.
I hope that the coming weeks bring more and more fun surprises outside.
Inside I decided to have a little cutting party. I need just a couple more strips to complete the light round on the hexagon stars.
I keep the fabrics for that project in a separate bin so I don't inadvertently use the fabric on another project. While the bin was out, I decided to cut some strips of black. I'll be needing it soon for the last round of the stars.
As long as the cutting board was set up, why not cut some for the diamond project?
Three strips from a fat quarter is enough to make two diamonds. I cut enough today for 34 diamonds, bringing my total to 50. I think I'll need around 80 to 100 diamonds to get a bed sized quilt. It will be slow going, but I'm enthusiastic.
Hubby's birthday is right around the corner. This year he needs to renew his driver's license. In California, if you have a good driving record, you can just pay your fee and be renewed. After a couple of cycles of pay-by-mail, you are required to go in to DMV for an eye test and new photo. It is recommended that you call for an appointment to expedite the process. I received the following e-mail an hour ago:
Hubby definition - show up at designated location at designated time,
be attended to, conduct business, leave.

DMV definition - show up at designated location at designated time,
get number, sit and wait, just like those without "appointment".

Hopefully the DMV definition ends the same way as the Hubby definition, but
we'll have to wait and see.

Love you
The guy sitting at DMV P'town
At least it seems as though he still has a sense of humor. Let's hope it holds.


Judy said...

MY hubby's birthday is next month and since VA does them on your 5 year increment birthday's he's up...and hitting the big 50! Sadly he has to do the eye test show up in person too. Now the DMV can be seen from our house (it's across the street) but what do you want to bet it's hours of waiting!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I guess we're married to the same guy... or at least his clone?! Hootie's a cutie!


Hi Libby--isn't is great fun to walk around outside and discover new things!! I can't wait for more of those kinds of surprises, but we are way behind you in the growing season as you could see from looking at my site--tulips and spring flowers are only up about3-4 inches and now they say "s" work for again in next couple days--how dare them??? tonight I discovered even more "dress" on my site--it has a blue stripe background that wasn't there yesterday and i started thinking "Easter" on it???/ Just, Di

Candace said...

I hope Hootie is a better guardian than our owl, Libby - the birds use him as a perch - LOl!
I'd say you've gone a long way just cutting all that fabric - a great way to save time!
Your hubby is too funny - I was thankful to be able to renew by mail this year - I won't have to think about that wait for 5 more years now!

Karen said...

I hope your apricot survives. Have you got your water gun loaded?

Dixie said...

Ahh, Libby. Good luck to your hubby with CA DMV. Last week I TRIED calling them because the tags for the vehicle renewal that we paid for in early January that had cleared our bank had still not arrived. It was a total nightmare and after staying on the phone for 45 mins, I still had not figured out how to talk to a live person. Thankfully, one of hubby's friends told him that this could all be resolved through AAA, so stopped by early in the morning, found out they have access to DMV and we walked out five minutes later with replacement tags and big grins! I guess they don't do driver's licenses yet though - darn! Can't wait to see your next round of hexagon blocks. Hope to get to some this weekend. I think the peas are making their first appearance. Lots o' lettuce though! Got to get one of the owls for the cherry tree!


Finn said...

What great treasures hidding in your yard! Love the rose, so beautiful. And Hootie looks like a good friend to have. Early birthday wishes to the DH. Hugs, Finn

Catherine said...

That rose is absolutely glorious! An apricot growing in your backyard? How amazing that must be to go out and pick fruit fresh from the tree whenever you want!

Quilter Kathy said...

Your DH obviously has a great sense of humour!
Enjoyed all the eye candy on your post today...a yellow rose and stacks of strips good enough to eat!!

dee said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby. Hope he's not still waiting.
That rose is so pretty.

Jeanne said...

An eye pleasing scavenger hunt! If I had known you were cutting, I would have sent some yardage. VBG Hope your DH didn't have too long of a wait.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the rose bloom - very pretty yellow! Can't wait to see the finished quilt - love the fabrics you've chosen

Stephanie D. said...

Yellow roses are my absolute favorite! And that one's a beauty.

Hope Hootie and Harper can combine forces and keep your yard pest-free.

The Quilt Buddy said...

More hexagons! You are on a roll! I hate cutting fabric because my arm goes numb after awhile! How about you?

Ohhh the dreaded CA DMV! I have been there!

BTW- Your yellow rose is a beauty! Take time to enjoy it!

paula, the quilter said...

Hope the owl is working. We tried that for the pesky woodpeckers and they pecked a hole in him and deflated him. I nominated you for the Sisterhood Award on my blog.

Julia said...

I love yellow roses!!! This one is gorgeous, I can almost smell it!!!

Quilts And Pieces said...

That is how IL works. But no appts available. And you sit, and sit, and sit. Ugghhh!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Loved the garden tour, and "Hootie". I think I may need on of scare off the birds from my blueberries. They are only just blooming, but I remember late last summer when the birds feasted on what I hadn't picked. I am also so envious of your windmill... it just reminds me of the wind across the plains of Texas!