Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Apple Pie Social has come and gone. The day was a rainy one, but that didn't stop us - or anyone else from getting out there to join the fun.
Homemade apple pies were being sold whole or by the slice in the gazebo. We came home with a delicious pie and a jug of cider, too.
While snacking on a slice of pie and a glass of cider, I'll be enjoying this new pattern from Primitive Pieces by Lynda.
I left a comment on Lynda's blog recently and became a winner of her newest pattern, Mocking Birds. Thank you, Lynda - I can't wait until I've found all my supplies so I can get to work on this.
Look what else arrived on our doorstep yesterday! A thoughtful, heartwarming care package for the whole family from The Quilter.
Take a peek at me relaxing on the sofa in my new hand-knitted socks.
I just can't get over them. They fit perfectly, are snugly warm and just a wonder to look at - the stripes, the ribs, the heel. I'm ready to face winter now for sure.
Look who else is going to be snugly warm come winter.
Here is Hubby sporting his new scarf. If only you could see how the color brings out the blue in his eyes. He got a haircut yesterday and has a freshly shorn look that I don't think he would appreciate having published on the 'net.
Guess who had her nose in the box right away. I won't even make her do tricks for these.
Look at these little gift cards. Haven't we all had these sentiments when sending one of our creations out into the world?
I hope you don't think the fun is over. That box also had a little treat for the house, too. A cotton knit dishcloth and potholders.
Oh - and one more thing. A charm that will be in my pocket for a good bit of the time.
There have been many moments in the last couple of months that I could have really used a hug. Having this little charm in my pocket will remind me there is one out there whenever I need one. Thank you, Paula - from the whole family, but most especially from me.


Kim said...

As a fellow recipient of Paula's treasures I can only agree, her work is excellent and her thoughtfulness heartwarming...the hug button is just perfect! Too bad about the rainy apple festival, but that pie and cider certainly makes up for it. Looks delicious!

Screen Door said...

The socks suit you!!! What great surprises. Is there any apple pie left???

Karen said...

You cleaned up on all those gifts and winning a pattern!
The socks look like they were very intricate to knit. Wouldn't a sweater to match be wonderful!
Home made apple pie and fresh cider. I am wishing I was there to enjoy it with you. Apple pie is my favorite kind of pie.

Judy said...

That pie looks good! Too cute...the ladies are at the table with their raincoats on diggin some pie! Fabulous socks! One thing I really want to learn to do. LOVE Lynda's new pattern, she promises the stars are easy to make and it should look great in your house.

Shakerwood Primitives said...

What a sweetie Paula is. I have also been on the receiving end of a Paula mailing! If the apple pies are out, the pumpkin pies shouldn't be far behind! Can't decide if I like the fall colors, the weather or the food the most!

paula, the quilter said...

I figured Miss Harper would have her nose in that box! I am so glad you like the prezzie.

paulette said...

I love this pattern-Mocking Bird! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I must check it out over at Lynda's- I love all her stuff! So talented!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

How absolutely wonderful Libby, you all are going to be cozy with your gifties!!! I love the stripes on your socks, and as a sock lover, Paula they fit at the perfect spot on the ankle. :))
Now I would give you a hug for a piece of that delicious looking apple pie. Congrats on winning the pattern too, it is you!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Ohhh, I love that pattern! I own a pair of Paula's wonderful socks and love them! The doggy chips and dip are too funny!

Mimi said...

What a wonderful surprise. She is very thoughtful.

AnnieO said...

Wow, now that's a heartwarming bounty! Generosity is obviously The Quilter's watchword. Lucky you and your hubby.

Julze said...

oh I love those socks..fabulous!!

Carol said...

May I come for pie please? Looks just yummy. What a wonderful treat in the mail...those socks are just awesome.

Guðrún said...

The sayings on the cards are so true.

WoolenSails said...

That apple pie looks delicious.
I also got a pattern from lynda and love it, can't wait to make that one.

What wonderful gifts and very thoughtful.


Cathi said...

The pie looks fantastic -- nothing like homemade apple pie in the fall!
Your socks and your husband's scarf are fabulous -- lovely gifts!