Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At last, the batteries and charger for the camera have been located. Not only was I able to take a couple of new pictures this morning, but I found a few still on the memory card that I have not yet shared.
Another look at Union Blues now that it is completely finished.
The mini quilt on the right is made from the trimmed corners of the blocks in the larger quilt. I couldn't resist putting them together.
While I'm still in the process of bringing stash and associated quilting supplies up from the basement, there have been some bits of sewing going on. I came across this cowboy print that just begging to made into pillow cases for the 1Million Pillowcase Challenge.
I didn't know of a shop in my local area participating, so these are winging their way to Fat Quarters Quilt Shop.
Also I stitched a window valance to match the curtain in the laundry room.Fresh batteries and a real camera let me take a more representative picture of our new flooring in the kitchen.
We are so pleased with the results. Slowly but surely the last bits are being put away. I'm holding off on the 'ribbon cutting' until the new counter chairs arrive, which should be in a couple more weeks.
Cooking in the improved space is so much more enjoyable. I tried a new recipe for shortbread cookies this week.
They sure didn't last long.
From the 'everything-old-is-new-again' department, look at our 'new' coffee table for the family room.
The space for a table is limited if we care to have any room to walk around. We had been keeping our eyes out for something that would fit all of our needs. The light bulb came on - what about the old toy box? This was my toy box, with a maple finish, as a little girl. With a coat of white paint, it was pressed into service for The Princess.
Then, sadly, it was neglected for a number of years - including being left outside on the patio in all sorts of weather. Hubby lovingly cleaned it up, sanded it leaving just enough of that white paint to help tell the story, then applied a fresh coat of stain and new hinges.
I'm so glad he was able to breath new life into an old friend. I can still remember the feeling of that heavy lid dropping on my little fingers while digging for a favorite toy. After 50 years together, looks like the old toy box and I are ready for at least another 50 more.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dabbling in randomness - that seems to be the order of my days lately. No one project grabs or holds my attention for any length of time.
On the kitchen remodel front, the work is now done. Here's a peek at how the floor turned out. First up the finish that was not what we bargained for.
And the new and improved finish.
My photography is not the best here. The first picture is from the digital camera, the second taken with my cell phone. A casualty of the remodel mess is I cannot locate my spare camera batteries or charger. So poor photography aside, we are so much happier with the new finish which is nearly identical to the original. With a little time for some aging of the new, the differences will soon be all but imperceptible.
Slowly but surely things are being put away in the kitchen. I told Hubby yesterday that we've made it back to where we started: only the boxes remaining from the move are left to be unpacked. The Princess has suggested that we have a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the finished results. I do love that girl - she comes up with some great ideas.
Progress is also being made in setting up the new quilting space. The decision was made to move camp from the basement to the bedroom we call The Tree House. It will be nice to do all my piecing above ground. The Tin Lizzie will stay below ground, but by moving the rest Hubby will have some usable in both places, too.
So amid unpacking boxes that have been toted upstairs I've been doing a little sewing. All work and no play makes Libby a cranky girl. Here are a couple things that have come from those itty bitty kits I showed last time.
And there's plenty more where those came from. I've hardly made a dent in those little bags. As much as I love little pieces of fabric, sometimes I have to take a break and work on a project that's just a little larger. Case-in-point, here's the new camouflaging curtain for the laundry room.
*no amount of finessing would turn this picture upright*
Our laundry room is really a small closet in the half bath on the main floor of the house. There were bi-fold doors when we moved in which had to be removed to accommodate opening the doors on the washer and dryer. This left the storage shelving above exposed. Not a particularly attractive sight. *voila* Now there is access to the washer and dryer without seeing the unsightly storage area above. The plan is to make a matching valance for the window. I think it might even be fun to do laundry when it's all said and done.
There's been a lot of hand stitching in the evenings, too. Hubby and I are Olympics hounds, watching as much of the coverage as humanly possible. Last night we stayed up well beyond our bedtime to watch Shaun White , who hails from our former home, take gold in the half pipe. Exciting to watch, but I am so glad I'm not his mother!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lately it seems as if we have been living in limbo. The decision was made to start over on the kitchen floor finish. So rather than putting things away and getting settled in, we have been waiting for the new guy to come do his magic on the mess we were previously left. It's a dusty, noisy, smelly process. Keep your fingers crossed that the result will be gorgeous and worth the wait.
So how does a girl pass the time? Well, like Rapunzel - I have kept myself locked upstairs. But instead of spinning straw into gold, I've been cutting little itty bitty pieces of fabric to make the quilts in a Cheri Payne design.
These are a little like eating potato chips - impossible to cut just one. Each one of those bags has enough pieces cut to make two or more quilts. Or perhaps just a larger version of the original. Time will tell.
I'm working on another Cheri Payne design as a memory quilt for Harper.
Oh, I don't need any help remembering her. But have always loved this design so the time seemed right to make it. Having something to do with my hands and my brain has been helpful.
Today we are bracing for a Nor'easter. I don't really know what to expect but as long as the power holds out, I'll have plenty to keep me busy.