Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tempus Fugit. I sometimes marvel at how an hour, a day and sometimes even a week can get away from me. But now that I look back, I can see that a lot has been going on since my last post.
I've been working happily on the applique for Carpenter's Star.
My original idea was some sort of sunflower motif - inspired by the fabrics in the body of the quilt, I suppose. But after cutting some shapes from freezer paper, ironing them to the top and living with it for a day or so, it was easy to see that wasn't what I really wanted. Then I remembered a quilt from this book that I have looked at again and again with thoughts of recreating it myself. Called the Poke Stalk quilt, it is a delicious adventure in little appliqued berries - a huge undertaking. That same quilt has inspired Gwen Marston and Jan Patek to create their own versions. Why not follow their lead and try my hand at simply taking inspiration rather than a full blown copy?
I continue to marvel at the season of spring. What dramatic changes can happen in what seems like overnight. Trees are now filled with colorful blossoms and leaves. Little sprouts are peeking out of the ground all over the place. Some I suspect are weeds, but I don't much have the heart to yank them out just yet. I'm enjoying the sight of little yellow dandelions making polka dots across the lawn. Then there are surprises that I can identify like tulips.
I spotted these over in the back corner of our lot this week. Since we did not get here until late summer, these kinds of surprises could continue for some time. Pretty nice surprises, wouldn't you say?
Speaking of weeds, Daisy is growing like a weed. We are now in week four of puppy school. She is learning her lessons well and can follow the commands 'sit,' 'down,' and 'come' nicely - especially with the enticement of a treat. Let's just say that Daisy has NEVER met a treat she didn't like. Now her playground skills could use a little honing. She is exuberant to say the least. One of her classmates is a mini Aussie and his size makes him vulnerable to Daisy's sumo-like tendencies. The other puppy is a touch shy, preferring to watch from the side rather than engage in all the rough and tumble. So we are going to try on doggy day care for size. Keep your paws crossed that will give her the active play and socialization she needs . . . . while giving me one day per week to catch my breath.
Here's a look at Daisy and her 'frenemy' The Vacuum Cleaner.
I'd say she has just a bit of suspicion in her eye.
I've saved the biggest adventure of the week for last. Yesterday I went with McIrish Annie to The New England Quilt Museum to see the special exhibition of Amish crib quilts. What a treat! Sadly, but understandably, no photography was allowed. From the gift shop, I did pick up a book that features several of the display quilts.
It really is a wonder how these quilts made from plain, solid fabrics can be so graphic. It's a curiosity to me when a random fabric appears - was this a purposeful design decision or a make-do necessity? Then there are the tiny quilting stitches forming grids, feathers, flowers and cables that really bring the quilts to life. Thank you, Ann, for a fun day!


Little Lady Patchwork said...

Hi Libby!

I like the way that you are going to make the quilt your "own" by changing around a few things. Soon, we will see!

Enjoy the beauty of your garden. It is the unexpected surprises in life that always make us smile.

Daisy is really growing. I can see the changes in her face and she is outgrowing her "puppy look".

Thanks for sharing,

Lori said...

That would have been a wonderful exhibit to see. Lucky you!!
Daisy is adorable as usual! LOL

Karen said...

I am anxious to see what your applique is going to look like on the quilt.

MARCIE said...

Oh Libby, you love to tease us! And I am lovin' in so far!
Also read the story at the link you gave and it broke my heart. Could we possibly be strong enough to endure what those women did?
And I just want to hug that furry little bundle of yours! Daisy looks so sweet!

sewprimitive karen said...

You'll be graduating from school pretty soon, Daisy. But your fur still looks heartbreakingly soft and pretty :-). Your "pokes" look wonderful. I must look up that quilt when I get home.

Stephanie D. said...

We moved into our house in October, so the first spring and summer brought lots of fun surprises! I had not realized we had so many azalea bushes! And I'd never seen a mountain laurel before.

This spring, my perennials are coming up big and beautiful and are almost a surprise, because I'd forgotten a couple of things I'd planted. Must be early dementia.

Tandi won't get that close to the vacuum cleaner, even with it off, and lately, she hides from the flashlight. Heaven knows what she thinks that beam of light will do to her.

anne bebbington said...

Berries Libby - you know how I love berries, glad to see someone else has caught the bug - they look great arranged along a stalk like that - mmmm will have to store that concept for future use :o)

Cathi said...

The berries look wonderful -- I can't wait to see more!
I love spring -- all the colour popping up after the greyness and drabness of winter. I wonder what other surprises you have in your new garden.
Daisy is so cute. I don't know how you can resist giving her anything she wants!

The Calico Cat said...

Is Spring different in New England? (Dumb question, huh?)

McIrish Annie said...

I had sooo much fun yesterday! I pulled out my Amish quilt in progress and will put a pic on my blog this weekend. Don't forget about May 21! all of the gals are excited about you coming to Friday Sew!

Daisy is as cute as can be and very well mannered

Rhonda said...

Your quilt looks very interesting...I love the colors of your berries, I think they are.
What a cute puppy and yes she does look as if that vacuum is up to something...LOL

Shakerwood said...

Your Carpenter's Star is going to be beautiful! And in your favorite colors, too. I really enjoy appliqueing circles myself but better in wool applique.

WoolenSails said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous, love them.
What type is the small brown check. I have been looking for something like that for my wildlife quilt.
I have been wanting to go to the quilt museum, one of these days I will get there. I ordered more books from the library with little quilts, will have to see if they have that book, looks good. My dog loves the noise of the vacuum, and loves to be vacuumed, lol.


AnnieO said...

Nothing like a bit of inspiration to make a project completely irresistable! Looking good. Say, is hubby helping baste those little circles too? LOL

Puppies, oh puppies...

I'd love to see pics too, but the book cover will have to do, I guess!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I"m loving the peek at the pokeberry stalks! I can't wait to see it done! Daisy is sooo adorable!

Kim said...

Well now I might have known that you'd take Carpenter's Star up a notch and it's lookin' good. Happy to hear that you and Daisy both have play-dates ahead, lol, momma's got to play, too. Happy garden discoveries!

Sharon said...

I love the polk stalk idea, it's one of my favs in Gwens book. This is my first season so I too, am letting everything grow and bloom, I think I'm watching weeds multiply!

Guðrún said...

The applique looks great. Is this daycare only for dogs the same size as Daisy? I know silly me...