Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long time no post, huh? So I was thinking I'd share an up-date of the happenings around here. Then back to my little rabbit hole I shall go.
First off, I've given up the idea of having a garden this year. I just don't know where to begin, what to plant or how in the world anything would produce when all it seems to do is rain. There are brief periods of sunshine, but it sure doesn't seem like enough to actually ripen a tomato. I am a California girl after all. A California girl through and through. The learning curve has been great here in New England. Maybe tomatoes next year. In the meantime, a few flowers have popped up spontaneously and in spite of my lack of skill.
These are right on the corner under a tree.
And these are right by the front door.
With all the rain, I've had plenty of time inside to work on quilting. I finished this beauty that has been waiting to be quilted for almost 2 years.
Stitching binding is still my favorite part of quilting and a scalloped edge makes the job even more fun.
Another piece in the finish column gave me chance to try something new.
Instead of adding a binding, I simply trimmed everything then pulled the back over to the front. I saw this method again and again at the Amish crib quilt display a couple of months ago. For me I don't think I would use it on every piece, but on the right quilt it would be just perfect.
The third quilt that I've finished can't yet be shown . . . at least not from the front.
But here is a view of the back. It's a project undertaken to help a friend. And really got me excited about quilts and quilting again. In the end it helped me WAY more than it helped her.
More than anything, the days are full with our little flower, Daisy. She continues to grow like a weed and makes us laugh and smile every day. Here she is enjoying one of her favorite occupations -
stick gathering. I tell you, that girl loves a stick. The problem is that she may actually be part goat. She is not just content in carrying a stick around. She much prefers to eat them. This keeps me ever vigilant when we are outside. Sticks are abundant around here.
But with all that play comes some rest, too.
Just when I think I cannot chase her around another moment, she will finally collapse and take a nap. The perfect time for me to curl up in a chair next to her and get some stitching done - you see in the time it took to write this post the sunshine left us and the rains have begun again *sigh*