Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's a new kid in town. Isn't that a great song? It is a Grammy winner and can be found on a multi-platinum selling album by the Eagles. (Did you know that the Eagles earned the very first platinum album recognition with their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 album released in 1976?)
Okay, that's a lot of music trivia for a mostly-quilting blog but I just couldn't resist. I got that opening line in my head and then I had to run with it. Truth be told, there is actually more than one new kid that I wanted to introduce in this post. First up . . . . .
the flying pig weather vane. Some of you may recall from previous posts that I find the flying pig eternally funny. You cannot help but smile when you see one. This guy is no exception. We picked him up last weekend on our trip to Maine. Hubby installed him on a fence post for me yesterday. I'm just tickled pink.
But there is another very exciting introduction for me to make as well. You may also know, I am a HUGE fan of the quilts designed by Cheri Payne. A quick search on this blog shows just how many of her designs have found their way into my home. Imagine my excitement when I learned that Cheri has started her own blog! Please stop by and say, 'Hi!' I'm sure she will enjoy your visit.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer is going by in a flash. It is quite a different season in New England from the 'Endless Summer' of southern California. I have experienced living in a humid climate before . . . but it was at a time in my life I was too young to care. Now I am simply grateful daily for air conditioning. Fall will be here soon enough - I'll go outside then.
I have been happily working away on my hexagon project. It continues to grow. I spread it out and was happy to find that it actually further along that I thought. By my count there are three and a half rows.
I estimate two and half more rows will be just what I need.
Last week, Hubby took a couple of days from work to make a long weekend for a little getaway. We started the fun with a concert - Tom Petty.
There is just nothing like singing along to all your fave songs live . . . . brings out your 'inner backup singer'.
Then we headed the wheels north and landed in Maine for sightseeing, eating and a little relaxation thrown in for good measure.
We explored Bar Harbor. This reminded me of Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo, CA. (Yes, I have placed my gum up there)
This sign was posted at the Inn where we stayed. Love the last warning.
We enjoyed some great food. I think every meal had some component that is famous in Maine. I named this guy Lester.
In Acadia National Park, we enjoyed the popovers from Jordan Pond House after a friend tipped us off that we should check them out.
Back at the Inn, we had a beautiful view from the gardens. Hubby and I spent plenty of time soaking up some sun, watching the boats on the water, reading and stitching.
What a treat. A girl could get used to that kind of livin'.
But soon enough the trip was over and we were back to reality and rain! Lots and lots of rain. It was needed, but honestly must it all come at one time? Four days of rain.
Poor little Daisy thought she might never be allowed outside again. On the third day, we just gave up and took a nice long walk in the rain. There are only so many games you can play inside and still call it a home. We are both glad the storm is gone and we can get back to our regular routine.
Last but not least, I cannot believe that today marks 19 years since my mom passed away.
That's me expressing my very strong opinion about something while Mom just patiently waits for me to finish up my display of emotion. A scene that would be played out again and again in varying ways over the years.
And a happier scene. I love this picture and I wonder what we were laughing about? I sure do miss her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things sure have a way of getting bigger around here. Remember this little puppy hiding under the bed to get away from the vacuum?
She can't fit under there any more. But she can still try her best to avoid that dreaded machine.
My hexagon quilt is getting bigger, too.
I have been happily adding pieces to it each day. I sit at the dining room table which holds the top keeping me cool when the mercury and humidity rise. I think I'm about half-way to having a complete top. Now that my radio guys (and gals) are back on the air, I can quickly pass time listening to live streaming. Good times.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Blogging buddies - you just never know what surprises they have in store for you. Last week I received an email from Carole of Quilting Adventures inviting me to join her for this month's breakfast club at the Quilted Crow. Heck yeah, I would like to do that . . . . so I contacted the shop and secured my seat at the table.
I hit the road Saturday morning with enough time to pick up a latte at Starbucks along the way. Not really sure what Carole looked like, I scanned the parking lot for an out-of-state plate before heading inside but there were only local plates. Inside I went, checked in, found a spot at the table and then started browsing the shop. Then I heard my name being called in another part of the store and there was Carole full of hugs and smiles.
We had a nice morning at the shop viewing all the new items available and hearing about up-coming classes. Afterward Carole took me to a great little coffee shop/bakery where we chatted over a cup a little longer. We even met a puppy in training from NEADS - gives me hope that Daisy can learn the skills that we have been working on.
Before heading back to the quilt shop, Carole shared a great farm store with me - Idylwilde Farms. We browsed the beautiful flowers and produce. I came home with a delicious quart of fresh blueberries.
Before we said our goodbyes for the day, Carole presented me with a little gift.
A darling pack of fat quarters from her shop. A wonderful and thoughtful addition to my stash. It was so nice to spend time chatting and getting to know Carole after having chatted via our blogs for the last 3 or so years. I'll be looking forward to another get together again sometime soon.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ahhhh - quilts! I love everything about them from choosing a pattern, selecting fabrics, cutting, pressing, piecing, quilting, binding and then cuddling. In the last few months I just hadn't been doing much of any of that. I really felt I lost my quilting way. Then at the Vermont Quilt Festival, I found a project that just really spoke to me. I decided to purchase the kit - it would have taken a lifetime to collect the variety of fabrics needed otherwise.
Soon I got to work cutting.
Then piecing.
More piecing.
More piecing.
And more piecing.
Which resulted in blocks.
And before I knew it - an entire top all assembled.
Daisy agrees that this is a perfect quilt for the guest room.
I'm going to bust a sizeable bit of stash to piece up a back, then on to the quilting. Ahhh, I love quilts.