Saturday, July 31, 2010

The week in review - a quick look back at the week that was. Daisy had an appointment to be spade this week. Poor little thing, she barely made it in the front door when we brought her home.
The good news is there are no stitches to be removed and she hasn't been wearing the 'collar of shame' since that first night - she's not interested in licking her incision at all.
There is to be no running, jumping or rough play for the next two weeks. Hubby and I decided that limiting trips up and down the stairs would probably be a good idea, too. So we moved camp to the living room for the first couple of nights.
Doesn't it look cozy? Daisy particularly enjoyed relaxing on the air mattress during the day.
On the quilting front, I joined in the 9 patch swap organized by JulieKQuilts.
It won't be long and I'll have my 100 3" finished blocks ready to put in the mail. I think there might still be some openings for the swap, it doesn't take hardly any time at all to stitch up the blocks, why don't you pop over and sign up?
The work continues on my hexagon diamonds.
The stack grows taller and taller all the time. Just a little more than double this stack should be just enough. If I stay focused, I can complete one diamond an evening. Doesn't look like I'll have the quilt finished in time for this winter. But that's okay, it's going to be worth the wait when I'm finally done.
In the kitchen, I looked for things to make for dinner that wouldn't mean turning on the oven and heating up the house. The best answer for that is gazpacho.
The ingredients are simple and fresh. And after just a few minutes with the food processor *voila*
Enough soup to keep us in dinners for two or three days. It keeps in the fridge. Just take it out, ladle into bowls, grate a little queso fresco or Cotija cheese on top and serve with some tortilla chips on the side. Cool, refreshing and lots of time left over for quilt making.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My oh my, puppies sure do grow quickly.I get such a kick watching Daisy keep and eye on the comings and goings outside. Just look how much she's grown in just over 3 months . . . and I don't think she's done yet.
On the quilting side of life, there was a great deal of interest in working on Cheri Payne's Folkart Gathering Quilt. Of course many on you are far too far away to participate in person, but I'll try to keep updating via this blog for anyone who wishes to join in the fun long distance. Our first stitching date is set for mid-Sept. Get your patterns and your fabrics ready - it's going to be a great quilt.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My how quickly a month can fly by. While I still don't feel as if I have my 'east coast legs' yet, I thought I would at least up-date some of the things that have happened over the last month. First, I have renewed my interest in baking. It was easy enough. Just pull a few ingredients from the pantry . . .
and *voila*
Not only is it delicious fresh and warm from the oven, but also it makes a delightful breakfast.
French bread French Toast *yum*
Or how about this?
Caprese salad with some garlic toasts. The perfect summer supper.
Bread isn't the only thing coming from the oven.
Mini blueberry lemon scones. Great with a freshly pressed coffee in the afternoon. A delicious pick-me-up.
Finally I feel like I am enjoying my time in the kitchen. All that mess and noise from the remodel is proving to be well worth it.
Hubby and I had a little get-a-way at the end of the month. We headed to Vermont and took in the sights.
The Vermont Country Store.
Enjoyed some 'fine' dining.Took in some tours and roadside art.
Visited an exhibit dedicated to Snowflake Bentley.
Also the Shelburne Museum.
Stayed in a wonderful inn.
And got to go to The Vermont Quilt Festival (no pics) We very much enjoyed the exhibit of Pilgrim/Roy quilts and the lecture by Gerald Roy about them.
Back at home, the weekly Farmer's Market has begun.
It's not a big one, but there is plenty for all.
My first purchases of the year.
On the quilting front, I have been diligently working on my hexagons. I have over 20 diamonds ready to add to the top. I'm guessing I still need 40 more. At the quilt show I picked up a kit from Bonnie Blue Quilts. I joined McIrish Annie's friendship group for their Friday Sew last week . . . . too bad I forgot my sewing machine at home. I did get a lot of cutting done, though.
And once I got home to my machine, it was a snap to just sit down and start pumping those strips through.
Daisy is growing by leaps and bounds. I think I take a picture or two of her everyday. Of course, she now just sits and poses when the camera is out. I have many photos that look like this:
Isn't she a good 'sitter'? We are halfway through Basic Obedience I. At this point I'm not sure we are going to pass. Oh she can do everything. And that she does, beautifully, at home. Once we get to class with the people and the other puppies, Daisy just loses her mind and any semblance of focus she might have had.
So there you have it - a month in a nutshell. I'm still reading posts, but not leaving much in the way of comments. I'm trying to limit computer time so the day doesn't get away from me. Bear with a bit longer, I am sure I'll hit my stride . . . . someday.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do you live in or near Massachusetts? Do you love all things related to primitive quilting? Have you seen the new project by Cheri Payne - Folk Art Gathering? Would you be interested in a making a date once-a-month to get-together and work on this project? I have come up with an idea on just how we can do this. Leave a comment and I'll get back to you with the details of my plan.