Friday, April 22, 2011

Do you sometimes feel like you are in one of those old movies where they show the pages of the calendar flying away to show the passage of time? It has felt that way over the last week. Just turned around and *poof* it was gone.
While are still living in a state of limbo, Daisy and I have continued our plan of getting out and exploring something daily.
There are morning glories that are growing on the banks near the beach where we walk. It's hard to tell from this photo, but this bloom is bigger than my hand. I've never seen them so large before.
This sculpture makes me smile. She is just so exuberant. She can be found not far from the fellows on the life guard chairs that I shared last week.
I have enjoyed visiting the farmer's market each week.
Not only is it great to be out walking in the sunshine, but just look at the delicious bounty that now fills our fridge.
On the quilting front, a friend did some quilting for me this past week and the quilt came home to me on Wednesday.
I shared the piecing of the top in this post last summer. You can see that it has been quite patient waiting so long for its quilting.
I've been working on the stitching down the binding. It will still grace a bed in the guest room when complete. Only 18 days left until we sign the papers on that guest room. Is someone counting? Oh yeah - that would be me!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where, oh where has my camera cord gone?* And a few other choice items, too. We have settled into our temporary digs - a two bedroom apartment that is serving not only as a living space but a storage unit as well. We have taken up residence in one bedroom and the living room. The rest of the space is holding ALL of our worldly belongings (minus the things we already know didn't arrive in our shipment *argh*)
Here you can see that the garage is stuffed to the gills with only a narrow aisle to pass through. The second bedroom looks the same. A few boxes are even serving as occasional tables, artfully draped with quilts to disguise what the really are.
I had BIG plans to use this time of temporary residence to get some quilting done. HA! After carefully packing projects and associated supplies, it came to me that in a box somewhere (refer to photo above) is my iron. I wouldn't even know where to begin.
That brought me back to quilting the hexagons. Plenty of work there to keep me busy, if only I had not lost my thimble. You never know just how attached you are to your thimble until it is gone. It really was THE perfect thimble. I have purchase five different replacements over the course of the last three weeks. While one is a suitable substitute, I will continue to look for that perfect fit again.
So my days are mostly filled with getting outside and exploring some of my favorite old haunts and introducing Daisy to a lot of new places. The weather has been just splendid almost every day.
Several times a week we go to the beach for a nice walk. The sound of the waves is soothing to me. The squirrels grazing on the dunes makes Daisy feel at home.
We spotted these Sweet Peas growing in a front yard garden. If only you could smell them, too. They are my favorite flower, a lot of special memories are tied to these little beauties.
Don't these guys look a little bored? Maybe they could come down and help me find my missing items. A win/win for all.

*today's photos brought to you courtesy of my cell phone camera . . . the cord will show up eventually

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

One month ago, she had never even ridden on the seat. Now she insists on having the window down for the best view possible.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Direct from my future new backyard -
and they have cousins, a grapefruit and lemon tree, too! Oh how I have missed my fruit trees.
It has been a VERY busy week. Two trucks arrived with our belongings which are all now crammed into a two bedroom apartment. We celebrated Hubby's birthday. Did you know you can have a really fun party even while still living in a motel? There was a fun (FUN) party at the quilt shop in my honor this week - friends, food and fabric, oh my! A couple of dinners with The Princess and BF (we need to settle on a blog name for him) And last but not least, we found a house that will soon be ours. I feel a little weird sharing photos since the ones I've taken all feature the current owner's things and that just doesn't seem right to post. So for now the oranges will have to do.
Lots of hoops to jump through to get to escrow closing. If I am absent in the coming weeks, I'm sure you'll understand. I'll check in from time to time. Once we are settled, I'll have lots and lots and lots to share.