Friday, May 27, 2011

Has anyone ever noticed that 'move' is a four-letter word? I remember well the very first time Hubby and I moved with the help of professionals. We were moving from an apartment into base housing. The movers came in, boxed up our things, loaded them on the truck, and later that same day delivered them to our new address. Hubby and I quickly divided the tasks - I starting putting the dishes away and he hooked up the stereo. By the time we went to bed that night, you would have never known that we had just moved in that day. All the packing materials were gone and we even had things hanging on the walls.
My how things have changed. We still divide the duties - Hubby has hooked up the tv's and I have unpacked the kitchen. But two weeks later, we haven't put a single nail in a wall and the garage appears nearly as full of boxes as it did two weeks ago.
Then came the reinforcements! A friend came over on Tuesday to help me unpack some things. Not just any friend but a quilting friend! Three guesses as to what we unpacked and the first two don't count.
It was time to start setting up Quilting Central. We used this entertainment center as a place to put some things away.
A desk to put the sewing machine.
An old bookshelf to stack fabrics.
There's a cozy little nook to sit and do handwork. As a test-run, I spent a couple of hours yesterday quilting on the hexagons.
And the beginnings of how the walls will be decorated.
The entertainment center will be replaced with the Tin Lizzie and new cabinets must be found to hold the supplies. A table for the sewing machine will go in the very center of the space. The work was not for naught, it all needed to come out of the boxes and doing the work with someone else made it fun rather than drudgery. Another friend, with a knack for organization, has offered to help me when I'm ready to add the new storage. Maybe moving isn't so bad after all.
Meanwhile out in the backyard, Daisy and Opie have settled on their favorite toy.
They can play tug-of-war or just walk around in a prancey dancey way. I think we are all adjusting to having Opie here. Daisy is learning to share, Opie is learning the rules and we are learning that a good vacuum cleaner is essential.
We are looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend. More unpacking, a little time to enjoy the backyard, play with the pooches and have The Princess and The Boyfriend over for a barbecue on Sunday. No matter what your plans may be, please remember to take at least a few moments to think about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Without them, where would we be?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our family is growing.
Daisy would like to introduce you to her new pal Opie. Don't let this photo fool you. They are a raucous pair but already fast friends.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today I'm taking a breather and poking my head out of my cardboard rabbit hole. Its time to share a little of what has been going on here at the new digs.
With the exception of the bathrooms, there are wood floors throughout. This is very exciting. I love wood floors, I don't mind caring for them, and there is not the *ick* factor of someone else's carpeting. But it has brought about a flurry of area rug shopping. We had a couple of rugs but none nearly enough to take care of all the rooms.
Here the very lovely Daisy models the latest in guest room floor coverings.
Her thought bubble might say something like, 'Are they going to put a bed in here or are guests expected to sleep on the floor?" Don't worry Daisy. As soon as we can find the bed and the bedding we will offer a cozy place for folks to rest their heads.
In super exciting unpacking news, these showed up yesterday.
They are the drawers to the treadle sewing machine cabinet which arrived on the truck sans drawers. Because of the confusion with the move being split onto two trucks, we thought these had taken up residence with the other family somewhere in Arizona along with our vacuum cleaner (which has also now been located). There was an audible *gasp* when I unwrapped them yesterday that could be heard throughout the county. I am so happy, Hubby is so happy, the moving company is SO happy!
Here is a sneak peek into my future quilting space. I got to spend a little time there stitching last week while waiting for appliances to be delivered.
The space was originally designed to be the family room and was used by the previous owners as the dining room (thus the low hanging concussion maker that is soon to be replaced). It is truly in the heart of the home next to the kitchen, easy access to the backyard and the laundry room. A small built in desk will become Blogging Central. But first -
all of this must find a spot to call home. The red furniture will stay put in what would normally be the 'breakfast nook'. But all of those boxes contain a lifetime or two or three of things that all need to be put away. A similar scene can be found throughout the house, upstairs, downstairs and the garage, too.
As long as I continue to chip away at it a little each day, we will be settled in before we know it. Earlier this week we celebrated being fully functional - cooking, sleeping, bathing and laundry, the essentials. Every little thing makes it feel more and more like home. But I'm wondering . . . does anyone want to lay odds on how long before I go on autopilot while doing errands and pull into the driveway of our previous home and sit in the driveway trying to figure out why the garage won't open? It's only a matter of time.

Monday, May 09, 2011

I love when a good plan all comes together. Sometimes it just takes a LOT of patient waiting to get there. Last week it felt as if the clock was ticking off the seconds in s-l-o-o-o-o-w motion as we counted down to the close of escrow and the keys to our new home.
I passed some of the time by going to a favorite antique/junk shop in town looking for treasure.
I was not disappointed. After some clean-up, sanding and fresh coats of paint, these will all find new life with us. The newel post tops will become towel hooks for the bathroom. The tool caddy will probably hold fabric or little quilts.
Finally Saturday morning arrived all fresh and filled with sunshine. We met our Realtor to finally get a look at the house completely empty and full of promise.
Here it is - Home Sweet Home! We immediately started bringing over a few boxes from the apartment and started thinking about where everything will go. I have been calling the new digs our 'Goldilocks house'. Our first house in California was just a little too small. The house in Massachusetts was just a little too big. This house feels like it's going to be just right. And the yard - so much room for Daisy to play with lots of room left over for gardening. Remember the citrus trees? They are still there, but I discovered what I think may be a peach tree . . . be still my heart!
As if all that were not enough - it was also Mother's Day and The Princess was in fine form. We were invited over to her place for dinner - schnitzel and spaetzel! On the table was a beautiful vase filled with tulips.
It was fun to chat with her and Boyfriend (whom I still haven't settled on an 'official' blog name for yet - I feel like he's going to be a keeper so I don't want to saddle him with something that isn't right) as they put the finishing touches on our meal. Boyfriend provided dessert homemade brownies (he cooks and bakes!) As if that were not enough, there were presents afterward.
First you should probably know that we are not a family that finds pleasure in wrapping gifts. Christmas is about the only time we actually make the effort. So instead the recipient is simply asked to 'close your eyes and hold out your hands'. When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw.
Huh? The Princess quickly informed me that this is what the gift looked like to start out. Now to close my eyes again. This time when I opened them there was this!
Is that not just the coolest thing? And she made it herself! Boyfriend has a lathe and they have been making pens from wood and even corn cobs. I know it was killing her to not tell what she was up to. I know there are going to be LOTS of 'signing' opportunities coming up. I'll be so proud to tell everyone all about my new, beautiful pen.
Now it's back to the business of getting settled. I have a list of phone calls and errands for today that is about as long as my arm. Better get busy or it will never get done.

Monday, May 02, 2011

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? Seriously? It seems that the apartment complex that we are temporarily calling 'home' is in some sort of Internet black hole. Our ability to get online and stay connected is a very hit-and-miss thing.
So what have I been doing instead of surfing the information super-highway? Well, I spent a lot of time with the royals toward the end of last week. You've all seen the photos - beautiful bridal gown, neat and tidy military uniforms, hats that leave you wondering. But I bet you haven't seen this -
This gal was on a program discussing the royal jewels. She was not a random, woman-on-the-street interview. No, she is some sort of published authority on the subject. And now my hair style inspiration. From now on when I fall back on just pulling my hair into a ponytail (which is pretty much every day) I will no longer feel that I am lazy or uninspired.
Hubby and I laugh almost every day over the fact that Daisy is NOT a morning dog. She much prefers to lounge around until the crack of noon. You can imagine that the early hour of the royal wedding was not to her liking at all. So I had to laugh when I went looking for her after the balcony kiss.
Looks like Billy Goat had a rough morning, too.
On the home front, we will be finalizing our purchase this week. It looks like things may come together so that we can close escrow a few days early. With that in mind, we were out doing a little shopping this weekend. We are looking for some new area rugs and a patio set. What we came back with was this:
I couldn't resist. It suits me for sure. I think it will look great right near the front door.