Monday, June 06, 2011

Life is a series of struggles great and small with liberal doses of joy thrown in for good measure. So it is with a heavy, heavy yet hopeful heart that I tell you we have made the VERY difficult decision to return Opie to the animal rescue center.
Actually difficult doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. It was gut-retching to face the truth that it was not a good fit for us as a family but even more so for Opie. We came to a point late last week where it was clear that no matter what type of positive spin I put on it the truth of the matter is that Opie deserves more than a good, loving home, he needs a home where there is a man home the majority of the time.
The volunteers at the rescue center were great with Opie and me, too. They greeted him happily and let him know he had been missed. In turn they listened to me and I'm sure they will use our input in finding the perfect, forever home for him. He wasn't with us long but we did our very best for him from veterinary care to grooming to all the tennis balls he could possibly handle and most of all love and compassion. His paw print will remain on my heart forever.