Sunday, July 31, 2011

General Admission - $10
Fabric Purchases - $52
A Saturday spent with family and friends, old and new PRICELESS!

Yes, yesterday I went to the big quilt show in Long Beach, CA. The trip was rather hastily put together but couldn't have been anymore fun. Mother-In-Law sometimes works in one of the vendor's booths. I sent a text to see if she would be doing so this time. No, but she would still like to go to the show . . . . if she could catch a ride and had someone to go with her. Next thing I know Mother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law have made plans to make the 5+-hour drive (which turned into an 8 1/2 hour journey of road repair and Friday get-away traffic) to join in on some quilt show fun.
A few more texts and some emails resulted in a carload of Quilt Pals ready to take on the show. Add in a well-timed email from Dawn of Collector with a Needle and you've got yourself a day of quilt-loving fun.
I have not one single photo from the show. Truth be told, I didn't even bother with bringing a camera. As the show itself mainly consists of quilts labeled No Photography, Please, photo-ops are limited at best. That leaves more room in your bag for purchases. And what did I purchase? An assortment of different charm packs from Primitive Gatherings. Also stopped in at the Woolen Willow booth and chatted it up with the gals about their new magazine. It was just a great day all around. We got home a little weary, but looking forward to the next opportunity to go on a field trip.
But I would be a boring blogger if I left you with a photo-less post. Remember the tops from camp last month?
This is one now destined to become a pillow. It is the perfect size to cover over a pillow that's cover has seen better days. Just below the red is a sneak peak at the fabric for the back, a very nice match to the super-sized border fabric.
The pillow will live on the couch next to my quilting space. Another new addition to that space will be this butter churn.
One of the quilt pals offered it up, if I was interested. It no longer has a top or the dasher and only part of the bottom. Am I interested? Of course! I think that it will make a most delicious end table for that aforementioned couch. I just need to find something make table top.
Currently we are using this old and very crooked stool.
It is hard to tell from this photo, but that seat has quite a slant. Don't set a mug or glass that is too full or your beverage will slosh over one side. Don't feel sad for the little stool. It will find a new purpose somewhere else in the house.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm sure you have seen this commercial.

Yesterday while on a walk with Daisy, the tune started running through my head. Then I began adding my own images. You can get with this -
or you can get with that -
*doo dah dippity*
Then I noticed that there was a distinct 'ocean' smell. I suppose it is always present, but there are just some days that it seems more prevalent than others. Next I caught a *whiff* of Coppertone and suddenly I was four years old and at Jalama Beach.
As the years went by, the aroma changed along with me. By the time I was teen, Coppertone gave way to a special blend of baby oil and cocoa butter with subtle notes from the lemon juice I applied to help lighten my hair.
Then I chuckled a little as I realized that the changes just keep happening. Now in middle age, I've turned to unscented SPF 45 sunscreen, long sleeves, a wide brimmed hat and a vitamin D supplement to compensate for my lack of sun exposure. These days my skin stays light and my hair stays dark . . . well the ones that have not turned gray anyway.
Wouldn't it be great if Yankee Candle could come up with a Coppertone and kelp candle, just for old-times sake?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Quilt Pals are coming over tonight for a little stitchin', a little chattin', and a little snackin'. So what's on the menu? Fried cereal. You can learn how make your own by watching this -

Are you back now? Wasn't that fun? Here are the five cereals that I selected.
Sadly, I burned the first batch. I blame it on the Cocoa Pebbles. For some reason they sank to the bottom of the pan and stayed there. No amount of stirring seemed to bring them to the top. After I tossed it and cleaned the pan, I began anew.
*voila* I call mine the Amiga Mix. Give it a try.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday already? The weekend went by very quickly. Hubby and stayed busy both days working around the house. First up, of course, was finishing up those stair treads.
It's those little things that really change the place from a house to our home.
I had several requests for the name of the place where I found them. It's called Country Wares. They have a lot of fun things, not just stair treads.
The reason the search went on for so long was because I really wanted that particular pattern and color way. Why?
To match the other rugs we have.
Daisy would not have understood if we got a non-coordinating set of rugs.
Home Depot was lovin' us this weekend. First we purchased some storage cabinets for our garage. Then we picked up some cement in order to plant our first garden item.
The bottle tree. I don't believe I've shared it before, but we did have this in New England. It was only planted for a couple of months. We decided to dig it out before the ground froze 'just-in-case-we sell-the-house' which turned out to be one of the smartest things we did.
And then while Hubby was looking at something boring, I headed over to my favorite HD department.
And now I gotta get to work. I did all the cutting in yesterday and part of the trim . . . . who forgot to remind me that I hate painting trim? Time to get busy with rest plus a second coat. Then I can do the fun part - rolling the walls!

Friday, July 22, 2011

*ooops* Didn't quite make it. I really thought that we would put those stair treads down after dinner last night. It was easy enough to pull up the old carpets. The double-sided carpet tapes - not so much. After dealing with only two stairs, I knew that I needed to call in reinforcement. Enter my old friend -
Murphy's Oil Soap. Not my usual floor care product, but it did cut through and loosen that nasty adhesive. A thorough cleaning with a damp cloth and vinegar to remove the oil soap residue and we are ready to put the new treads down.
In other exciting (well at least to me) news.
Today I unpacked the last four boxes in the upstairs office. Up next, clear out the garage so we may park both of our vehicles in there. Hubby firmly believes that if you have a two car garage it should be used to park your two cars inside. I know this is weighing on him. The weather is great so it will be a perfect weekend project.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stair treads-redux - finally a resolution! When we sold our home in New England, we really thought that our new home in the west would be a single story. Why? Because that was what our previous California home had been . . . . I guess. As a result, we left behind the braided rug stair treads because they seemed to go so well with the house. And maybe because I didn't relish the thought of cleaning the double-sided carpet tape residue from the stairs. But I digress.
Fast forward to the new digs. Turns out we didn't find a single story home after all. And the treads left behind on the stairs left a little (okay a LOT) to be desired in style and decorative charm.
Let's all just say it together . . . . BORING!
Thus began the online search to buy new treads. I knew just exactly what I wanted because I had left the very same, practically brand-new ones behind just a few short weeks ago. For the life of me, I could not find the site where I had ordered them. Still I am nothing if not determined. While in my slightly feverish summer cold state, I began the search anew. And while I might not be getting full, clear breaths, I was not to be denied the decorative stair covering of my dreams.
They arrived via UPS late yesterday afternoon. We will be installing them tonight after dinner. I can hardly wait.
On the quilting front, I have renewed my determination to finish the hexagon quilt. It had been idle for several weeks. Partly because it gets a little warm under there and partly because it was beginning to feel like a hopeless endeavor. Still I looked at it every day in a crumpled heap dreaming of it dressing my bed. I just couldn't let it wither and wilt into a useless UFO.
Instead I have made the commitment to myself to spend one hour per day on the hand quilting. Now rather than dreading a futile wasted effort, I look forward to the time my quilt and I spend together every day. That's a really nice feeling.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finally! I am returning to the land of the living. What an awful two weeks. Who would have thought that a simple summer cold could sap so much from a person? Hubby and I both went down with it and went down hard. I attribute it to we have settled enough to relax - really relax after two stressful years - and that allowed the crud to take hold.
For the most part, I spent the last two weeks reading, sniffling and coughing. But when a burst of energy would come upon me, I would engage in strenuous activities like internet shopping. That shopping resulted in a new addition to the quilting space.
A cubby to hold knick-knacks and supplies. Those empty spots won't be there long.
Next I unearthed the Juki and did some quilting.
I didn't feel all that smooth with meandering at first, but it got better as I went along.
I now have two of the June Lake Camp quilts ready for binding.
Hand stitching binding remains my favorite part of quilting.
Daisy is pretty happy that we are up and about again, too.
She was able to hold her energy level down and just snuggle for the most part. But look at the joy on her face when we finally played in the sprinkler on a warm afternoon. These are summer days that a puppy has just been waiting for.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Been under the weather . . .
hope to be back soon.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!