Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Labor Day weekend is now behind us. It was certainly a productive one. Hubby worked so hard to make one of his dreams come true - park our two cars in our two-car garage. He carried every single thing in the garage to the back patio (in an effort to keep garage-sale hopefuls from stopping by). He then swept and washed the garage floor before starting the process in reverse order. Many things did not return to the garage, they are at home in a spare closet, the backyard shed or destined for donation.
We still have boxes to unpack - will there ever be a time when we won't? But Hubby's dream came true. We are now parking both vehicles in the garage, but first -
a little decorating. His garage ALWAYS features a life-sized Humphrey Bogart poster. The original Bogey didn't survive the move eastward. But an exhaustive Internet search resulted in a new poster last Christmas. He happily unveiled it yesterday. Daisy was NOT amused and spent several minutes growling at the interloper.
Another project that is underway is changing out lighting. When we changed out the powder room light, we purchased the same fixtures for the baths upstairs. Out with the old -
and in with the new.
That's more like it. Next up was the dining room light. I didn't get a photo before it came down, but here it is in the donate pile.
And now our dining room fixture.
Yes, this is the third home we have installed it in. Each time we have prepared to move, we head to Home Depot and find something suitable and neutral to hang in its place before the 'For Sale' sign goes up. I would hate to leave it behind.
Also on the way out is the giant Red Sox foam finger. Youthful-Sister-In-Law brought it home as a gag souvenir from her adventure at Fenway Park. I was told I had to keep it until I lived in California again. I have fulfilled the requirement - even sending her the photo as evidence.
It is now in the donate pile, too.
So as not to leave you thinking that I rested on my laurels while Hubby slaved, I did more trim painting. I will spare you the photos as it is just more of the same. And there you have it, the Labor Day weekend was certainly a weekend of labor for us. It sure felt good!


quiltmom said...

It sounds like a very fulfilling weekend when one gets so many things accomplished.
I did a fair amount of school work- made a few more bags for my school students things so we can keep the cloak area tidier. I got some planning done for the fall. A teacher's job is never done,LOL...
Does your husband love all of Humprhey Bogart movies too?
Hope that you have a great week too.
Warmest regards,

Texan said...

We have spent geesh what seems like a few years now and yes it actually is now that I think of it... going through and cleaning out. We are not moving , now. But retirement looms down the road, yes still 13-15 yrs away but mercy me times flies. We may very well move then. I have my fingers crossed for a tiny cabin in the ozark mountains of AR. Anywho it seems we are always making a donate pile, a sell pile etc. We too over the weekend worked more on this very thing.

WoolenSails said...

Love the new fixtures, now you have your own personality and touches in your new place.


Melanie said...

I love your loyalty to the light fixture.....hope it I there fo a long time.

paula, the quilter said...

The foam finger (boy does that conjure some visuals *giggle*) really had to go. Did you finish the painting?

julieQ said...

How fun that you can park in the garage!! We have two cars in ours, but they are dear husbands...mine is relegated to the street, LOL!! Sounds like you all got so much done!

Quilter Kathy said...

I had to smile at the thought of Daisy growling at the life size poster!

Colleen said...

Sounds like a productive weekend of labor. We had company and a wedding so Monday was a day of rest for me and hubby!
I love your dining room fixture...very nice indeed!

Kathie said...

yes I have a dream of being able to park two cars in the garage too but I think we need to have a 3 car garage to do that!
lvoe your new fixtures, oh and we are huge Boston Red Soxs fans you could always send that to me! I would put it in our yard as well :)


Shakerwood said...

Doesn't it feel good?!

McIrish Annie said...

I knew someone would offer to adopt the Sox foam finger. If no one else wants it, I will be happy to give it a home here! You can't just kick it to the curb, that's mean!!

AnnieO said...

Making your house a home--sounds like very satisfying LABOR indeed.

We are the only people on our cul de sac with both cars in the garage. It really does keep us from buying things that we don't need because there is simply not storage for them!

Candace said...

Every man must have his garage! Mr. Squash says well done to Andy! I got a chuckle out of your old dining room chandelier - nearly identical to the one we pulled out of the Squash House - I think they were cookie cuttered! Glad you had a productive weekend, Libby!

blessedmom's simple home said...

You've been busy! I need to get my donate pile donated, and out of my garage :) The first dog I had growing up was named Bogart. I named him after Humphrey.

Sweet P said...

You did get a lot done over Labor Day Weekend. We spent the weekend at the golf course.

suz said...

Sounds like he had a very busy weekend. I do have to say that we Red Sox fans do miss you!