Friday, September 09, 2011

September 9 - California Admissions Day! On this day in 1850, California became the 31st state of the union. Did you know we have an official state anthem? Here is a recording from 1913 accompanied by images from all around our great state.

Mountains, deserts, the Pacific Ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, cities and towns - big and small, California has it all. I remember learning in elementary school that if California were to become a country of its own, we would have only to import nickel.
Oh there are troubles here, too. Plenty to be sure. But if there is one thing I have learned recently it is: There is no place like home!
Even if the power goes out. Late yesterday afternoon the power suddenly went out at home. I thought it was perhaps too many folks using too much power, but quickly learned that the outage was spread not only throughout San Diego county but Arizona and into Mexico as well. Seems someone over in Arizona pushed a wrong button *oopsie* which led to approximately 5 million people losing power for as many as 12 hours.
Daisy was undaunted by the event.
She kept her cool by playing in the sprinkler.
No cooking for me, tuna sandwiches made up the dinner menu. We pulled out the crank powered emergency radio to listen to the news for updates.In order to conserve batteries (we had been told we could be without power for as long as three days) I pulled out the solar powered lights that rim the backyard to fashion a lantern bouquet on the table for playing games.
As the evening wore on, it occurred to us that the sky was very clear. With little interference from street and porch lights, we set up the telescope for some star gazing. The moon was bright, but we got a good look as things we might not normally see.
It's good to know that things are getting back to normal. Things like this are a good reminder of what you should have on hand in the event of a disaster and also that modern conveniences aren't always necessary for a pleasant evening. Maybe we should take the time to turn out the lights from time to time and just enjoy the place where we are.


sunflower cottage said...

LOL I like that Ca song!! I did not know it even existed and I lived in the San Jose and the Bay Area for 10 yrs of my life!!! I met my hubby there and had our son there, graduated from Cupertino Highschool and attended De Anza college ! It figures ! LOL

WoolenSails said...

Those solar powered lights come in handy, lol.
Sometimes we need to loose the conveniences in life, so we can remember to enjoy life;)


Kathie said...

thank goodness it was only for a few hours! love those solar power lights I need to get those. glad Daisy wasn't phased by the lights out!

Milah said...

Good idea using those solar lights. 12 hours without electricity is an inconvenience, 3 days would be a disaster in many areas. Glad it's back on and you took it in stride and had a good time.

Texan said...

When we first moved where we are now 7.5 years ago, the power went out on a regular basis. We soon figured out we didn't have even basic things like candles, the flash lights seemed to all have dead batteries in them LOL etc. We now have these things ready to go at all times. It was a good lesson for us. Luckiy we loose our power a lot less now.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Hope your power comes back soon. My neice is in California for an internship this fall. She's in Costa Mesa and will be working with a large construction company that is doing a large project for Disneyland. She's a Construction Management major. So far she loves it.

Lorraine said...

heard on the news here that you 5million people were affected by the power outage....sometimes it takes something like that to remind us how reliant we are on electricity....great idea to bring the solar lights in...and to take advantage of the time to do some star gazing.....Daisy looks quite content!

Kim said...

Thanks for the CA celebration song and video. There is no place like CA! Wish I were there. Sounds like 'lights out' was a nice respite from light pollution. You always seem to make a fun time out of whatever situation comes along. :-D

AnnieO said...

And the best part of the admission of California to the Union in 1850---it was as a FREE state! We do live in a wonderful place :)

Sounds like you made quite a night of it with your easy dinner and games by solar power, lol!

Betty Lou said...

Very ingenius to bring the solar lights in, I never would have thought of that.

Dixie said...

What a wonderful blog post! I'm so proud of our state and its such a beautiful place to live. I feel grateful every day that it has been home my whole life! Glad your power is back on!!