Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's time for a quilt space update. Over the weekend, Hubby and I put up a couple of shelves to hold fabric.
Which led to a clearing of the counter-top earmarked to become the future cutting station.
Next up will be to remove the small desk at the sliding glass door.
I will do all my piecing on the table in the foreground. I love this table for many reasons not the least of which is that it is oddly low which puts it a the perfect height for sewing. Now I'm just waiting for a couple of replacement parts to the big frame that didn't survive the moves. Then I'll be in business. Love it when a plan comes together.
In my last post, I shared the cleaning of the duct work in our home.
This time, Hubby shares the need to replace the cabin filters in your cars. He does this on a regular schedule. Clearly you don't want to put it off - that filter on the left is just *GROSS*
Today will have me out putting the finishing touches on the Thanksgiving meal shopping. I then plan to not leave the house again until sometime Saturday or beyond. As a matter of pure stubbornness, I don't want to purchase so much as a stick of gum on Friday. The hype just makes me weary.
The goal should be easy to achieve. What with my delicious quilting space, I think I can find plenty to do right here at home.


Lynelle said...

Hey there... I was just wondering what types of machines that you are using...do you quilt with a Juki? And how is it without a stitch requlator? I love your quilts, you do beautiful work!

sewprimitive karen said...

Beautiful studio. No Friday shopping for me, either, what a horrible scene.

AnnieO said...

Beautiful piles of fabric and charming space to create in--what more could a quilter want (except fellow quilters sharing it with her!)

No Friday shopping for me either. I have only ever gone once and that was when my kids were really small and I happened to wake up early!

What is a cabin filter and where would I find it in my car? Ew.

Stephanie D. said...

Love the street sign up there! lol

That space is looking great! Was the light fixture already above your cutting space or did you install that?

I have to work Wed. night and Thurs. night, so our mini-Thanksgiving for the two of us will be Sat. or Sun. No shopping here, either. More and more I prefer online shopping, and hitting the local small shops. I get majorly cranky in the crowds and parking lots and what kind of an attitude is that to buy gifts?

Loris said...

Love how your studio is coming together. Lots of fabric color and warmth!
now to go google cabin filter...never heard of that and can't imagine what mine looks like!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mary said...

I'm with you on shopping - I don't leave the house on Friday, either. It's so not fun to be in the middle of all that greed.

The room is going to be fabulous! You're a lucky quilter to have such a great space.

Susie said...

You have a great stitching room! I don't go shopping on black Friday, either!

Sharon said...

I'm with you on the not shopping. I detest this whole "I'm going to open earlier than you" and now staff are going to be leaving the dinner table and heading to work without sleep. Grrrrr. I did my tour of duty in retail and I don't miss it a bit.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Enjoy... no Friday out for me, either. Your space is divine! Now, I need to talk to my husband about the cabin air filter... yuck.

paula, the quilter said...

Nope, nada, no on the Friday shopping. I know the retailers need to make a quota but I can't stand the crowds. Now, do you really think you are going to use those ice skates in California?

Texan said...

Your sewing room looks very good!

I was wondering what a Cabin air filter was. I watched the video you have on what they are! I have to tell honeyman now that we need to change mine. My vehicle is 10 yrs old. Though it only has 74000 miles. I don't go a whole lot but still! Who knew those filters were in there! LOL not me.

Candace said...

I love how your space is coming together Libby! Those recycled shelves are perfect! OMG - I watched the video and after seeing what Andy pulled out of your car - ewwww! I'll be checking our Pilot manual ASAP. We did the last of our shopping today - even if I that pack of gum I wouldn't leave the house, either ;>)
Happy Thanksgiving!

The Civil War Quilter said...

What a wonderful sewing room you have! I didn't know there was a filter for inside the car! I'll start bugging my husband to change mine. I'm sure it's never been done!

WoolenSails said...

The room is really coming along nicely and looks like the perfect place for you to sew. I need to redo mine again, the fabric is turning into piles again;)


quiltmom said...

It looks like a lovely space to quilt. The time is flying by so quickly- I can't believe that Christmas will soon be here. My husband brought home a little poinsettia for our dining room table. I am a big fan as they were my wedding flowers.
There is no Black Friday shopping here but there will be Boxing Day sales the day after Christmas. I do not go Boxing Day shopping either.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving.
Thanks for dropping by the blog.
Warmest regards,

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Love the way your sewing room is coming together. Looks so cozy!
I'm with you on black friday shopping, it totally takes the joy out for me so I don't participate. Happy Thanksgiving, when I get home I am going to do some filter checking!!

Dixie said...

Your quilting space is wonderful! Glad its coming together for you. I'll have to check out the video and show it to hubs. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. The only shopping I'm doing on Friday is at the local quilt store sale, early Christmas shopping for me - yippee!

Kathie said...

Your quilting area/nook looks great! I would love working there, love seeing your quilts hanging and oh the fabric looks inspiring !