Monday, December 19, 2011

The last shopping weekend before Christmas has passed. I can happily and proudly say that I didn't get out into the hustle and bustle. It's the least I can do to help alleviate traffic and mall over crowding while still maintaining my own sanity.
Instead I stayed at home, enjoyed my own decked halls and did a little entertaining - family style. We hosted my brother and his wife on the southern most portion of their holiday tour. They began their travels in mid-November, leaving their home in Alaska to visit with friends and family all up and down the west coast before returning home in the new year.
It was nice to catch up on each others lives and reminisce a little, too. We looked at some old slides and watched some favorite Christmas movies.
But the highlight was when we all tried our hand with decorating gingerbread houses.
Intended to be an activity - not a contest (you don't know how many times I said that over the course of the afternoon) the only rule was that you could only decorate with what came in the kit. Oh there were some initial grumblings over that, but I think that everyone overcame the challenge quite nicely.
A closer look at each entry -
The Princess and The Boyfriend were very creative in turning their gingerbread men into a Santa and a snow angel in the yard. Kudos also for usage of the coconut as smoke from their chimney.
Brother and Sister-in-law did a great job bringing their Alaskan roots to their house. Clever piping turned their house into a log cabin. And they creatively carved the parts of their tree into a moose rack, a bear (which really looks more like a wiener dog to me) and a chimney with some rather frightening frames emanating from it.
As for the home team, we didn't stray that far outside of the box - but we had a great time. The Relatives are on their way to their next destination. We are nesting just a little more, making plans for dinner at The Princess' later in the week and a big get together with The Boyfriend's extended family all before the 'main event'. Time for me to make like Santa Claus, make my list (grocery list, that is) and check it twice. There's still a lot yet to do.


Texan said...

What a fun idea! We have company that will be here for Christmas DAy and a few days after. mmm I may just have to borrow your idea if I can still find a few Gingerbread house kits! They are both kids at heart and I know would enjoy this! We would too it would be fun! I was also going to pick up a regular old scrabble board game! I guess they still make that.

Alaska, I used to want to live in Alaska when I was very young. I used to love the cold weather. ummm now I am pretty sure I would die there ROFL ROFL

WoolenSails said...

We went out shopping and the stores were not that bad. Finally got some new dishes and silverware, so we can set a nice table;) Of course that prompted me to clean out the cupboards, so for now they look better until we can get new ones.

I can't even make a kit stand up right, never mind trying to decorate it nicely, lol.


Candace said...

What fun, Libby! I'd give you all first place if there had been a contest! Love that you stayed in your own decked halls! Happy grocery shopping!

paula, the quilter said...

I'm impressed with the creativity! Wow! I DID have to go out shopping on Saturday 'cause I needed some black yarn. I shopped an Indie merchant tho so that helped.

Karen said...

Sounds like oodles of fun was had by all. And I can't pick a winner from any of them. Each has its own unique qualities that makes it special. I remain neutral on the matter. But then you didn't ask for a vote.

AnnieO said...

Very creative indeed! It definitely looks like a fun afternoon of crafting. Enjoy the season--I'm glad to know someone is able to slow down and do that!

Kathie said...

these are wonderful
I think I will go buy a few kits for us to do this as well on christmas day! It would be a fun activity

deb said...

I LOVE the roof on your gingerbread house!!!!!!
I managed to stay in the house the whole weekend ...the dang wind kept me in!!!! It was glorious...never left my pjs!!!
you have inspired me to make a gingerbread house with

Mary said...

That looks like so much fun! And what gingerbread house is complete without a bear and a moose rack?

Merry Christmas, Libby!

Barb said...

I loved seeing your ginger bread houses. I simply must make time for these next year!
Doesn't it make the house smell wonderful?

Stephanie D. said...

What a fun idea! That looks as if it must have taken a while to do, but what better way to spend a few hours?

I worked over the weekend, but did the rest of my damage yesterday. I still need to do the grocery list thing, too. Unfortunately DD won't be here til Sat. evening and must leave out Mon. morning, so I'm trying to do as much ahead as possible. Don't want to miss a single minute with my precious daughter. said...


Jeanne said...

The gingerbread houses make a terrific village! Nice work on all of them.