Friday, March 23, 2012

V is for Vintage
There are three of these switch plates now installed in our home - two singles and this double, making me the third generation of women from my family to use these. I can't get over how happy they make me. Special joy and thanks to Hubby for lining up all the screw slots.
Just had to grab the camera when I passed by the kitchen doorway.
From the corner of my eye, I saw those things left to dry on the counter top and they put a smile on my face. It looked like 'home'. That was a really nice feeling.
Recently I was the lucky winner of a quilt kit from Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts.
After my weekly Wednesday lunch date with Hubby, I came home and sat myself down at the machine. In just a couple of hours, I had the top pieced, quilted and the binding ready to stitch down. What a satisfying afternoon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

U is for Ugg boots.
I know, I know, the calendar says that it is the first day of spring. But here in the west we are having a bit of a cold snap to close out the winter that wasn't really like winter at all. Love those boots, they keep my tootsies so warm and toasty. And if wearing boots is too much, I have Ugg slippers for inside the house.
After the finish last week, I am ready to start something new.
Just a little peek at what's out waiting to be ironed, cut up and run through the machine. At the ready for a little handwork is this -
It's never to early to work on a new Christmas project - if I want it done in time for Christmas that is.

Friday, March 16, 2012

T is for Tourist.
It's getting to be that time of year in our neck of the woods. With an amusement park or two, a world famous zoo and miles of beaches, we live in a favorite vacation destination. Not complainin' just stating the facts. Mostly we locals tend to stay close to home during tourist season, but if I may offer a few suggestions to those that choose to vacation here.

Dear Visitor,
We love to share our beautiful city. It feels like a paradise because it is, but we live here, work here, drive and shop here. Please be aware that the words crosswalk and sidewalk both contain the operative word 'WALK'. Don't stop in the middle of either to admire surfers, seagulls, dolphins or the sunset. Understanding these are things you may not see every day, please take just a brief moment to be aware of your total surroundings and keep yourself safe.
We also understand that our lifestyle is casual even on the most formal of occasions. We know that you want to be comfortable while on vacation. Still please, please, keep beach clothing for the beach. We don't walk around the streets where you live in our swimwear and just ask that you do the same for us. Ladies can wear a simple cover-up and men should ALWAYS wear a shirt while traveling to and from the sand.
We are happy to offer directions, the best place to find a fish taco, how to find your way to your hotel. We want you to enjoy your time here and come back again next year. Don't forget your sunscreen - you can get the worst sunburn when the day is gray and overcast.
The Locals***

On the quilting front, I have a TaDa!
Sturbridge Stars is done and on the guest room bed. Okay-I got excited and just put in on the bed over the bedspread, but I couldn't wait another moment to see how it looked.
Here is a look at the original, inspiration quilt from OSV.
Now on to the next quilt. I wonder what it will be?

***a little snarky,yes. But the grain of truth is there :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

S is for street food.
We had some business that needed tending last week in the area where we grew up. Hubby and I took the chance to enjoy some of our food favorites that are best when eaten out of hand and on the street. First up, we went to Farmer's Market in San Luis Obispo on Thursday night. If one can have such a thing, this is my favorite farmer's market of them all. Not only does it offer a bounty of local harvests, but also a weekly street fest of craft vendors, live music, food and the stores all stay open, too.
We chose (though it wasn't really a decision at all) a tri-tip sandwich for our dinner.
Having grown up on Santa Maria style barbecue, I never understand the slathering up of foods with sauce. There's nothing to hide here - a little salt, pepper and garlic. It's all you really need.
On our way home, we took a small detour off the 101 for a stop in Solvang.
mmmmm - aebleskiver. The perfect snack before facing the traffic though Los Angeles on a Sunday afternoon. It was a delicious trip.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

R is for Retriever.
And our girl enjoys a good stick. She will run and romp and play and there's just nothing to do but sit back, watch and enjoy.
That is until you have to put the stick away because the romping stops and the eating of the stick begins. Don't worry for Daisy, we will play again real soon.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Q is for quiche.
My favorite recipe to follow is from Julia Child. Honestly, who could do it better? This is the classic onion and cheese. I am not a huge fan of Swiss cheese, but I found a great white cheddar/Gruyere combo at Trader Joe's that is pretty tasty. A little salad on the side and you have a quick and easy dinner. In the morning, reheat the leftovers and serve with fresh fruit.
Okay - I have to do it . . . .
Q is also for quilting.
I have Sturbridge Stars on the frame. It will be on the guestroom bed before we know it.