Tuesday, April 10, 2012

X Y and Z

X is for Xeriscaping. This is an idea I have been rolling around in my head for our front yard. We live in a desert region and water is always an issue, we are seemingly always in or quite near in a drought situation. There are lots of beautiful plants that are considered native to our area that will make for a beautiful curb appeal. It may well be time to move from dreaming to some planning.

Y is for Yolks.
Hubby's all-time favorite cake is angel food. A yummy cake that is light, tasty and fat-free! But what to do with all of those yolks? Having recently purchased this book, I decided to try my hand at garlic aioli. I was not successful, but not for lack of trying.
First I used the food processor but with a heavy hand, I added the oil too quickly and the sauce 'broke'. Next I tried whisking by hand. This is NOT for the weak of biceps and triceps (which would be ME!) Having a back-up whisker in the house to take over would be a good plan.
I stopped, consulted the Internet for tips and learned that while you cannot repair a 'broken sauce,' it can be incorporated into a new attempt.
Three isn't always a charm. My third attempt went better but in the end just wouldn't hold. So rather than waste more olive oil, I just quit. . . .for the time being - I shall try again someday. But the rest of those yolks would be pressed to better service in a custard.

Z is for Zillow.
A fun website whether you enjoy keeping up with real estate in your area, want to follow the value of your home, or just look up the house you grew up in to see what the yard look like these days. (I know you can do that on Google maps also - but there is so much more information to be had with Zillow.) It is one of my favorite websites.

Now I've shared my ABC's. Thanks for playing along with me.


Sue said...

I follow Zillow too. But here in Michigan the value of our homes is quite depressing considered what we paid for them years ago! ha!

Colleen said...

I have enjoyed your ABC's Libby!

Candace said...

I have just loved your ABC's, Libby! I wish there was more alphabet so you could keep going! We've started a tiny X-scape garden as we have a very dry patch of garden and a wonderful nursery nearby that has all sorts of drought tolerant plants. Something different for sure! I have that book by Alice Waters - have made many great recipes from it. One tip on adding the oil - using a pyrex measuring cup with a lip on it for your oil really helps to control the pouring rate.

Shakerwood said...

I used Zillow to check out how much my brothers paid for their houses.... and to see if they were exaggerating a bit or just flat out lying. Thought the one in LA was until I saw Zillow. He paid WHAT?! for that little thing?

Sorry about the eggs. Had to do that in college and it is not for the faint of heart!

Julie in the Barn said...

Your ABCs have been funtastic to follow. We have a truly X-scape yard. All natural but not by choice. We can't seem to get anything to grow in our soil of pulverized granite and pine needle duff. What manages to survive in the dense shade is just fodder for the deer.

Karen said...

I watched one of those shows about Doomsday Prepping. The lady took fresh eggs and coated them with cooking oil. She said you can keep them without refrigeration for about nine months.

Dawn said...

I loved reviewing the alphabet with you.
Are numbers 0-10 next?

Quilt Hollow said...

I say we play the ABC again! Good, clean and creative fun.

Linda in NC said...

I've enjoyed your ABC series. I think Dawn might just have the next great idea there with numbers 1-10! (Or Quilt Hollow with just starting over!) Perhaps you can tell some of us just aren't done playing this game?!