Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today is a day when we in the U.S pause to reflect on that dreadful day eleven years ago when we were attacked.  There was a senseless loss of innocent life that continues to impact so many families today and forever.
That impact reaches beyond September 11, 2001 and those in NYC, Washington DC, and in the air.  Our military is still impacted daily with deployments to war zones and far away places.  It takes a toll, for sure.
Hubby and I enjoy participating in helping groups that gather supplies for care packages.  During Hubby's own service to our country, I held a pretty good reputation as a good care-package sender.  With a family member currently serving in the Afghan theater of operation, I have dusted off those skills and have enjoyed going out shopping for fun and funny little things in hopes of keeping home sickness at bay.
So imagine my *surprise* when Hubby came home last night and said we had a package on our doorstep.  A care package for us!

To protect the safety of those involved, I will remove identifying details of the card that was enclosed.
So sorry to hear about Daisy.  She was always the talk of the town each time *Auntie* spoke to you.  Her Christmas card pics were the best!  She was in our hearts and prayers.
It is only fitting that her flag flew on board *details deleted*  Her spirit was with us *details deleted* Her playfulness, smile and love remind us what is really important every day.
She will be missed by all of those whose lives she touched - two and four-legged alike.  And she will never be forgotten as a smile overwhelms us each time we see a daisy.
Let me assure you that Hubby and I were consumed with tears at the thoughtfulness of this gift and what it took to make it happen when so many other things should take precedence - like personal safety. 
Today when you stop to think about what this day means to each of us all around the world, say a special prayer for those that are still working to make the world a better, safer place for us.  I can assure you they are thinking of us.  They just cannot be thanked enough!