Monday, November 12, 2012

I'll be 'going off the grid' for the next little bit.  In anticipation of this, I have been working on putting together a portable bit of handwork that covers a range of projects to  keep me busy.
First I decided on some knitting. KNITTING?
I have very rudimentary knowledge of knitting - I can cast on with the help of YouTube.  I know how to accomplish one stitch.  I have had the pattern Ewe Old Bags by Lynda Hall for years now, but have been flummoxed by just how to get from knitting the bottom of the bag to knitting in the round.  I studied, I pondered, I thought, I consulted Hubby for ideas and then just went for it and I did it!  While I love (LOVE) the idea of knitting my own socks, I know that I will never take on such a project.  But I do think that this project is perfect for me - it's rhythmic, relaxing and relatively mindless now that I've got all of those stitches on the needles.
Also in my basket of portable tricks are some more applique blocks from Folk Art Gathering by Cheri Payne.
I am nothing if not determined to get this quilt done.  I've been working on it for so long, but my love for it never wanes.  
Another project that is easy to take along is punch needle.  Though I haven't pulled them out for some time, I have the needle and the hoop on hand.  So I started surfing the 'net for a kit or two that I could take along.
I landed on Country Threads website where I found a wide range available.  As I prepared to place my order, I read the fine print which indicated that it could take up to two weeks for my order to arrive. *yikes*  That wasn't going to work.  Well, I picked up the phone and gave the shop a call.  I explained my plight and offered to pay any extra for express shipping.  No need.  My order went out that day (Thursday) and was in my mailbox on Saturday. 
To round out my basket of fun, I'll bring along the hexagon top that I've been quilting on.  A few snacks, a water bottle, my Kindle and a paperback book (just in case).  I should be able to keep myself busy and out of trouble.  When I'm back I hope to have lots of fun stories to tell, a book review or two, and maybe even some completed projects to share.  TTFN.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

To my two favorite (and the cutest) Veterans
Thank you for serving our country!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

237 years of The Few, The Proud, The Marines
Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

After months (really this campaign has felt like years) the day is finally here.  So do your part and get out there to vote.  While voting is a right, the more important thing is that it's a responsibility.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Being creative is messy -
But when you let sleeping dogs lie -
You can get a lot done.  I'm getting some applique blocks from Folk Art Gathering all prepped for hand stitching.  We'll see how long Larkin's nap lasts.