Monday, May 21, 2012

Is there anybody out there?  It has been a long time - a rather unintended blogging break, for sure. A heartfelt thanks to those that have emailed to check on my whereabouts and health. Truth be told, I have felt for a while that I may well be running out of things to say.  What!?  Me!? That can't be true, but it seems that may well be the case. 
A quick check with the calendar shows that what seemed like a few days absence has, in fact, been five weeks.  FIVE!  Wowza.  But those weeks have been full ones for sure. I had a delightful field trip to The Getty with some of The Pals.
Added a great new ABC book to my collection that day.
Hubby and I spent an afternoon in Balboa Park.  At the Museum of Photographic Arts where we caught the Charles Phoenix Retro Slide Show.  Charles is always delightful.  I urge you to check out his show if he comes to your area.  And last weekend we caught Roger Waters performance of The Wall.
The tickets were Hubby's birthday gift.  An interesting evening because it was a performance and not simply a concert.  I didn't understand half of what was happening, but let me tell you - there was PRODUCTION and plenty of it.  Hubby enjoyed it immensely and that's what matters here. 
We even fit in a couple of days at The Happiest Place on Earth.
We have also been on a weeks long journey to paint our bedroom and bathroom.  Had we buckled down, kept our noses to the grindstone - we could have finished in a couple of days.  Instead we chose to only work on weekends (which have been filled with all manner of other fun)  So by the time we got started, it was usually time to clean up.  Closing in on the big finish, I am to paint the doors to the bathroom vanity today.  Even more exciting though is the purchase of some new pieces of furniture.
Nightstands and a cabinet for things like quilts and books.  That the pieces are totally mismatched appeals to me in every way.  This is a FAR cry from the decidedly 70's look of our former pieces.  Next we take on the guest room.  With our first summer guest arriving in early June, we will have to be on our game to get it finished or Dear Guest may well be handed a paintbrush when she arrives.
The garden is flourishing (no pics) And we have started up our worm concern again.  These worms are direct descendants of my original herd.  When we left California, they joined up with the worms of a friend who gifted me with a wonderful boxful of their progeny. 
Daisy just loves the worms and thinks they are hers.  She fairly skips along side of me when we go out to add scraps to their bin.  And I laugh all the way.
Speaking of darling Daisy, she reminds me to keep at quilting, too.
I am making this quilt as a gift for our real estate agent.  Everyone in their office has been so helpful to us in our dealings of selling and buying homes, but one agent in the office in particular has really been there walking us through all the steps.  I saw this kit at Fat Quarters and just couldn't resist.  Hoping to be stitching binding tonight while watching tv.
So there you have it -  five weeks in a nutshell.  I make no promises, but I'll try to be around a little more often.  Now to get those doors painted and buy a gallon of guest room paint.