Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mary.  Mary.  How does your garden grow?
Well, I cannot speak for Mary.  But as for me, my garden seems to thrive on neglect.  I do not remember the last time I added water.  As a result the plants themselves look terrible.  Still I am harvesting at an amazing rate.  Right now I have three full trays of tomatoes slow roasting in the oven to add to the same from a couple of days back.  I should not have skipped yesterday.  Gumption is not my strong suit right now.
The good news is that our weather is mild.  I will have enough time to replant most everything and begin anew.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time to stick my head out of the rabbit hole, if only for a moment or two.  Here is a sneak peek at a quilt display Hubby has been helping me assemble in our bedroom.
We purchased the wrought iron stars online while living in MA.  They were intended to be used for window treatments that we never got around to putting up.  On the one hand I was quite happy to not have left them behind.  On the other hand I felt guilty that we had spent the funds and then never put them to use. 
I began to wonder if they might be pressed into service as a quilt rack of some sort.  I think that idea has come to fruition nicely.  I need to paint the dowels to 'take some of the new off.'  I still have five more sets of stars, leaving room for expansion of my display.  Or perhaps a coordinating towel bar in the bathroom?
Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to one and all that sent comforting words and condolences on the passing of our darling Daisy.  We could have NEVER in a million years imagined that our precious little flower would be with us for such a short time.  She brought us nothing but joy (a couple of days house training excepted)  Her light will shine in our hearts forever.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daisy Lucille Esperanza
January 7, 2010 -  July 17, 2012

Our sweet girl is in heaven now, where the supply of snow and sticks is endless and there is no pain.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Remember the scene from It's A Wonderful Life - the one where Joseph, the angel in charge, shows Clarence, the angel second class, the story of George Baily after all the prayers for help have gone up to heaven?  I have been picturing a similar scene with all the prayers, warm thoughts, positive energy and good karma being sent out in the name of dear Daisy.  I cannot possibly thank you enough for that because I think that it is a very helpful part of her recovery, which is still a long way to go.
On Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I met The Princess and The Intended at the animal hospital to receive our discharge and care instructions.  We were told it would be lengthy.  They did NOT exaggerate on that point.  Two and a half hours later, we were on our way home with our girl.  The Princess (an LPN) took copious notes on all of the instructions and ran interference whenever she saw the expression on my face turn to utter confusion.  The Intended has plenty of medical knowledge under his belt as well because his company deals with the medical community and the dispensing of medications, so he was able to support and reassure Hubby and I that we could manage Daisy's care.
The Happy Couple stopped on the way back to the house for a few special supplies - poster board, markers, sticker and a nifty pill cutter.  Then sent a couple of more hours here at the house reviewing instructions and setting up a chart.
It is easy to follow and written so that I can read it without my glasses from across the room.  Needless to say, Hubby and my days are very structured right now.  And while I am squeamish and uncomfortable with all the syringes and tubes, I do like structure.  Give me a rule and I will follow it.  Right now I have plenty.
There is downtime, too.  And that leaves time for quilting - something healing for me.  What I need right now is the kind of quilting that doesn't require much thinking but a way to keep my hands busy.  Good thing I am a TRUE quilter and find myself with an abundance of projects in varying states of undoneness! Yesterday I picked up some blocks from Folk Art Gathering that were ready to be appliqued.
Underneath those penny blocks are two small quilts that have touches of applique to be done as well.  I have also pulled out a batch of 9 patches that were the start of a project that I have completely lost interest in finishing.  After I saw Melanie's photo of Carol's quilt - Love  . . . . Mamie, I'm thinking that I can repurpose my 9 patches add a few more to make this quilt in just a little time.
My garden has suffered horribly over the last week plus.  I fear that it is all but done for.  There are ripe tomatoes that I can pick now, but that will be the end.  Gardens don't flourish without tending.  I might be able to salvage the pepper plants, though.  And I can get plenty of lovely produce at the farmer's market.  What I did find is that some of the peaches are ripe!
They are small, but tasty.  Last year some varmint strode into the yard about two days before they were ripe and ate every last bit.  I see evidence that they have been here again this year.  At least this year they are leaving a little for the farmer.  Smart varmints.
Please forgive me if I don't respond to each of your comments and emails of support.  My plate is so full right now that I think I may have to let that go for a bit.  But that does not stop me from reading and filling great hope from each and every one of you.  Daisy knows that there is loving and heartfelt support for her coming from all around the world.  That is making a world of difference in her recovery!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We are not out of the woods  . . . . yet.  But I want to start by thanking each and every one of you who has sent warm encouraging words and kind thoughts and prayers for our darling Daisy.
She remains a VERY sick girl.  After we moved her to the specialty hospital on Thursday evening, she had a restful night and more IV fluids before being seen by the kidney specialist on Friday morning.  While the tests are still out to confirm, so many things have now been ruled out that we are all but certain she is suffering kidney failure due to a Lyme-borne illness that is also causing some swelling in her joints.
Hubby and I had a wonderful and long visit with Daisy at the hospital last evening as well as a detailed consultation with the specialist.  We took Daisy for a short walk and did our best to encourage her to eat (lack of appetite and rapid weight loss were the triggers that told us something was horribly wrong.)
To make a long story short, we have got a battle supreme on our hands.  This is compounded by the fact that Lyme is not something that is found on the west coast - so not seen or treated by the vets here.  Though we were given hope by the success story of the one previous doggy patient at this hospital.
Overnight Daisy had a kidney biopsy taken as well as a feeding tube inserted.  Now she is getting good valuable nutrition to help keep her strong in this fight for her life.  Additionally they have started treatments to suppress her immune system.  Now I do not understand all of this, much medical jargon was bandied about, but as best as I could make it is:  Daisy's body is fighting with itself rather than letting her heal.
We have an appointment at 5 p.m. to discuss treatment plan and discharge instructions.  We have been told that this will be a long and involved appointment.  Now I am nothing but a mess of squeamishness when there is even a little bit of talk about procedures and the like let alone actually having to deal with feeding tubes and catheters *yikes*  We have asked The Princess, our resident medical professional, to join us at this appointment.  Trained ears that won't shut out the 'icky' words will be key.
We still do not know what the future holds, but Hubby and I have determined that we are going to give Daisy the best fighting chance we can as long as we can be assured that she will live a long, normal, happy doggy life.  Each day has seemed overwhelming, but the tenuous thread of hope has grown just a bit stronger.
Hubby and I stopped at the store today and picked up a few movies that we think Daisy will enjoy over the next few days.  Yes, she does watch television - particularly animated shows or programs featuring animals.  We will do our best to keep her well cared for and well entertained while she works to get herself better.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daisy Update 
After another day at the vet's office yesterday for IV fluids and meds, I picked Daisy up at the end of the day (our vet's office is not staffed 24 hours)  She was not as perky nor was she interested in food like she was the first night.  We settled in for the night on the air mattress on the living room floor.  I worried.  She slept.
This morning she just seemed weak but was resting comfortably.  I loaded her up and was waiting at the vet's office when they opened.  They helped me get her in the clinic, checked her temp and blood pressure which were both fine *whew*  I had a good talk with the vet this morning (after some sleep, I think I was better able to hear and understand what he was trying to explain to me)  
The bottom line is that she is a VERY sick girl and we don't know why.  We are waiting for test results that should be in tomorrow to figure out exactly what we are dealing with and how we can handle it.  Tonight I will pick her up and take her to a 24 hour hospital so she can remain on fluids and be monitored overnight.  While the house is quiet without her there will be peace of mind that she is being cared for - possibly allowing for a bit more sleep for me.
All of this is not the best news, but is not the worst news either.  Stay tuned  . . . .

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our darling Daisy is in some health distress which culminated in a phone call from the veterinarian this morning saying I needed to bring her in from some aggressive treatment because she is experiencing kidney failure - cause yet to be determined.
We went over the immediate treatment plan which included me going to the 'people' pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic that the animal hospital does not keep on hand.  Some worrisome hours and several phone calls later I picked up the newly filled prescription and drove over it over to the animal hospital where they invited me back to visit the little patient -
here she is with her little IV looking much more chipper and spry than when I dropped her off.  I had no idea that visits were allowed.  And I am SO glad that they are as I think it was good for both of us.  I will definitely see if I can go again tomorrow.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

sum-mer  noun  \ˈsə-mər\
When you enjoy a little cereal with your fruit for breakfast.