Sunday, June 30, 2013

Somebody left the heat on! YIKES.  And I know it's not nearly as hot here as it is in other places.  I have been giving Larkin a little cooling treat in the afternoons.
We have to take the water dish outside because she INSISTS on fishing out the ice cubes, one at a time, and taking them elsewhere to eat.
This results in a drippy mess across the floor that I am not interested in cleaning up - even if the mercury were not soaring.
In my last post, I shared a link to a new recipe I found.  I've heard the terms 'clean food' and 'clean eating' and decided to explore a little more.  I went to the library and checked out the book from which the recipe came.  After reading it and scanning the recipes, it seemed like something we could easily fit into our heart healthy plan.  So I ordered a copy for my very own from Amazon and then proceeded to test another recipe

Sprouted Quinoa with Strawberries and Lime.  Maybe not quite as yummy as the black bean salad, but I made a substitution of peach for apricots.  Also I juiced a VERY ripe Valencia orange for the dressing.  These things combined to make the salad a little 'wetter' than it probably should have been.  Sprouting the quinoa was fun and we really liked the flavor.
That success produced an Internet search for other 'clean eating' ideas.  
This morning we enjoyed Egg 'n' Baked Potatoes for our breakfast.   It turned out delicious.  I followed the recipe exactly but forgot the yogurt/chive sauce which would have made a nice addition.  One of my MANY quirks is that I don't care for my breakfast meat to be mixed with my eggs.  Next time I plan to substitute mushroom for the bacon.  This will satisfy my 'quirk' while keeping up the protein and reducing sodium.  Win-Win-Win.
The next time we meet, I hope to have some quilting content.  In the mean time, remember to keep yourself hydrated in all of this heat!


WoolenSails said...

My dog loved ice cubes too, gave him something to do too. I just gave it to him on the fake flooring. That sounds good, I need to start making salads and things for the summer.


Beth said...

Our dog won't touch ice cubes. He is a lab and hates water. I am putting that book in my wish list!

Quilt Hollow said...

I bet Larkin would like a Big ice cube with toy frozen inside.

Melanie said...

Ripley is a head dunker--- no ice necessary!!! We had to get a wireless fence because the neighbors up the road have an outdoor goldfish pond....Ripley loves it.....So does their dog...just corrupting mine... We decided the fence was cheaper than replacing exotic fish....(who does this in bear country, really?!?!?!?!)

AnnieO said...

Our Aussie loves ice cubes too but I never thought to put them in the water bowl! We usually just throw them to him :)

Seriously intriguing new recipes. You're making me hungry, even though it is still hot!

Quilts And Pieces said...

That's ok, Chloe insists on eating her ice cubes in the living room on the carpet.