Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One of the most viewed posts on this blog has nothing do with quilting at all.  Tomato Pie was a favorite around our house, too.  Then along came our eating and fitness lifestyle change in late 2012 after Hubby's heart surgery.  Suddenly Tomato Pie didn't fit in anymore  . . . and we were sad.  I found other delicious, heart-healthy recipes to help fill the void.
In the American Heart Association Cookbook is a great recipe for a Tomato Basil Soup.  It is a go to for me because it is not only healthy, but easy and delicious.  I have modified it to suit our taste and dietary needs by subbing Greek yogurt for non-fat sour cream, swapping out water for chicken broth, don't add sugar.  That's the great thing with recipes, you can play around and really make them your very own.
The addition of a spiral slicer to the kitchen has meant that we have taken traditional pasta out of the pantry.  Now that zucchini is coming in in abundance, think about replacing pasta with vegetables.
Here I spritzed some zucchini strings with some olive oil.  Added some grape tomatoes.  Then roasted in the oven for about 20 minutes at 400f.  Add a couple of grates of Parmesan or add a little pesto.
Both of these ideas make regular appearances on our dinner table.  Delicious but they ain't no Tomato Pie!
Then last week, the latest AARP  magazine showed up in our mailbox.  I regularly deposit the same directly into the recycle bin as a form or rebellion (or perhaps denial) that I am, in fact, eligible to receive such a publication.  This month, though, the magazine landed on the table where it stayed for a few days.  Bored while eating lunch, I leafed through the pages and there it was!
Tomato Cobbler!  Okay, it's still a little high in sodium for maintaining our stated goal of 1300 -1500mg  per day.  Easy enough to take care of - I rarely add salt when following a recipe and we now view cheese as a minor garnish rather than an ingredient these days.
Next time I will use more tomatoes - they really (REALLY) cooked down.  Also I will do a better job with the biscuit topping.  I should have used smaller blobs so they might not have become one in the baking.
There you have it my friends.  Keep that Tomato Pie recipe in your arsenal.  It is a delicious recipe perfect for that special once-per-summer meal.  But try out the soup, roasted veggies, and Tomato Cobbler for a healthier way to enjoy the wonderful bounty of summer.


WoolenSails said...

I have a lot of tomatoes but waiting for them to ripen, love fresh sauce. I have seen that spiral machine, looks like a fun idea to replace pasta.


Chookyblue...... said...

all your meals look lovely............

Melanie said...

Always looking for new ways to cook tomatoes. Sounds like on the health adventure you are having fun too. I've been giving the spiral slicer for wedding gifts....I need one.

Lori said...

The spiral slicer looks fantastic! What a fun way to change up a dish.