Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where Is She Now?

In the last couple of days, I have received some emails regarding my L-O-N-G neglected but probably not officially abandoned blog.  It seems that Jo of Jo's Country Junction recently had a post on English paper piecing with reference to an English paper piecing journey that I shared over the years here.  She wondered where I went and her darling readers took action to find out for themselves.
It has been nearly two full years since I published a post.  Though when I signed in, I found that I had a post in draft mode from just about a year ago that I never quite finished.  In my defense, my Smart Phone just got to be too dang smart and I quit using the computer almost completely.  I soon found that blogging was not intuitive from a smart phone app.  I struggled to size photos and get them in the right spot  . . . . and I just gave up. 
I know there are gals out there (like Jo) who continue to keep the blogging world alive.  But I was charmed by Facebook with its opportunity to drop a quick line and a picture.  Then along came Instagram - shiny, fast, new and those delightful ####'s are such fun to make up.  Even though this blog is read around the world, I was able to keep anonymity by selecting a nom de plume for myself and nicknames to protect the innocence of family and friends that might not choose such renown. For a very long time, I kept (and to a certain degree I still do) those two worlds apart.  Those in the blogging community really had no idea who I am.  Those in my real world life often didn't know that I had a secret identity on the world wide web.  I finally just found it too difficult to keep up in both worlds.  And there you have it.  But I didn't just sail off into the sunset.
So what have I been up to?  Back in late 2012, Hubby had open-heart surgery to correct some defects he had had since birth.  During the seven days he was hospitalized, we saw a LOT of sick people.  Some like Hubby who had problems that had been with them all of their lives.  And some that came as a result of lifestyle choices.  We determined that we were quite fortunate that his problems could be addressed and repaired.  Still we could not be smug that lifestyle choices were not the issue, we needed to make serious changes in diet and lifestyle so that we would not have to return to the cardiac wing.
On the advice of his surgeon and cardiologist, we started walking.  The goal was to walk 3-4 times per day totaling an hour of walking until stamina was such that we could walk for one hour.  The progress was fun to watch as we were able to go further and further in that hour and sometimes longer.  We started signing up for races a 5k here or a 10k there.  I joined the gym.  A year later I quit the gym.  I am NOT a gym person.  But the walking continues.  In 2015, I set a goal to complete a 5k, 10k and half marathon during the year.  I did that and more  . . . . and then ended up with plantar fasciitis which has made 2016 somewhat less successful, but I think I'm back on track.

Leukemia Lymphoma Light The Night Charity Walk

Disneyland 10K - Old School Mouseketeers

Carlsbad Half Marathon Finishers
We are fond of saying, "If not now, when?"  And with that new motto has come travel.  We continue our quest to visit each of the 50 states.  Only three to go, but some we keep returning to visit.  And there is so much to see just right here in our beloved California that we don't always get very far for adventure.

San Francisco

Yellowstone - Old Faithful

Maui with Santa
 We also know that time is our most precious gift.  Hubby and I have not exchanged gifts for a number of years.  About 3 years ago, we got The Princess and her Hubs on board, too.  Now we plan events where we can try something new, enjoy each others company and make memories.  We have tried archery, bowling, cooking classes, sporting events to name a few.

Haunted Gingerbread Houses

Haunted Gingerbread Houses

Escape Room Challenge
 With all of that going on, quilting got pushed to the side.  I really feared that I was losing my passion for quilting, but couldn't bear to give up my stash or the hope that someday that urge would come back.  The quilts that I did make were decidedly NOT me.  I made gifts for special people in my life.  While I sometimes found the fabric choices well outside of my wheelhouse, I did find great joy in the making of these special quilts.

Welcoming New Kids To The Family

For Loving Comfort During Chemotherapy and Bone Marrow Transplant

A Modern Quilt For A Modern Girl
 I did manage to pull off a couple that sang to my heart as well.

Quilt Pal Block Exchange - Cheri Payne Design

A Penny Saved - Nancy Moore Design

Stash Busting Attempt - Nice Quilt, Still Too Much Fabric

Home Sweet Home
You can see that I have kept myself quite busy.  Larkin is all grown up and my partner in daily crimes (Thanks Blogger for making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to share a photo of my darling doggy here). Like my hairstyles, life is ever changing.  I will, for the time being, continue to leave my blog public.  I know that folks still stop by to look at photos of projects for inspiration.  Those English paper piecing quilts have been 'pinned' a lot on Pintrest.  I never know when the bug to tell a story might come upon me.  Heck I like to check in to look at a photo myself from time to time.
Happy quilting everyone.  Now get out there and enjoy your day!